Toddler Tells Dad She Has A Boyfriend At Dinner, But Doesn’t Expect Dad To React Like This : AWM

Toddler Tells Dad She Has A Boyfriend At Dinner, But Doesn’t Expect Dad To React Like This

Most parents are in no rush to have their kids reach dating age — the drama, the ups and downs, the devastating breakups — it can all be a lot for a kid to manage. When this toddler told her dad at breakfast that she has a boyfriend, you might have expected his reaction to be a little bit different, given her age.

Despite his reaction, she was pretty firm about explaining her relationship status, so listen up, dad.

The video shows the cute little girl dressed in unicorn pajamas, her hair pulled up partly in a bow on top of her head as they talk about whether or not she’s dating.

According to dad, she’s not. According to the toddler, her boyfriend is very, very real.

She’s got news for dad, while itching her nose, telling her pops: “I got a boyfriend.”

His response? “Oh no you do not.”

Back and forth they go, with the little girl asserting, “Oh yes I do” and dad saying, “Oh no you don’t.”

She’s not giving up so easily, explaining again, “Oh yes I do.”

If there is, indeed, a relationship, dad has a firm sense of what needs to happen next, telling her: “That boyfriend better be talking to your daddy.”

Um. Nope. She’s just not going to go along with her father’s demands and refuses to let her boyfriend meet dear old dad.

“No no no!,” she says, to which dad answers, “Yes, he better.”

She’s not bending on this one, sorry dad. She says again, “No. He is my boyfriend.”

Don’t forget little one, that dad knows best, and he again says that a meeting is in order if he’s going to date his daughter. He tells her: “He needs to come talk to me first. You tell him that.”

The discussion just is not going over well, as the little girl hangs her head down before doing a face-palm motion over dad’s repeated requests, clearly exhausted over all of it. It’s just not sitting well with her.

He tells her: “You got it?”

Well… not exactly. Although it’s not clear what she says in response, it’s obvious that she isn’t going to go along with her dad’s demands to meet the kid. She notes, “this is my boyfriend,” before taking a more sassy stance, hands on hips, telling her dad what she thinks about his requests.

Ah, youth.

Of course, this little one’s passionate response to dad’s repeated requests to meet her boyfriend might just give him a glimpse at what he might be up against when she’s a teenager, when she’s dating for real.

No doubt she will be strong willed and a handful for her dad, given the looks of this small exchange, so he should enjoy these adorable interactions until that day comes.

Among those who left comments about the video on social media were those who were won over with her sassy attitude. One person shared: “I don’t know who this baby girl belongs to but I absolutely adore her… more please…so funny.”

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