Trucker’s Camera Caught Aggressive Tailgating Driver Learning About Respect The Hard Way : AWM

Trucker’s Camera Caught Aggressive Tailgating Driver Learning About Respect The Hard Way

Some rules of the road are law. Others are just common sense. But one rule people regularly ignore is to give the driver in front of you enough space for safety. Because people are so impatient to get where they’re going, they ride up on the driver ahead of them as if that is going to make them go faster. In truth, it just shows the world how impatient the person is. Plus, they put their lives and others’ lives at risk. It is simply not an intelligent thing to do.

As we watch the dashboard camera footage below, we see one tailgating driver learning the hard lessons of the road. Because he rides up on another, he ends up dinging up in a ditch.

The accident occurred near Little Chute, Wisconsin on Highway 41. The semi-truck was following behind another driver when things went haywire.

Because the semi had a dashboard camera, we were all able to see the tailgating driver learning his lesson. And the whole mistake was caught for the world to see.

Watch as two SUV rush past the semi truck to get nowhere in a hurry. And one gets caught in traffic. This action means he is angry because the world has slowed him down. And with tailgating driver, it often seems to be them against the world. He starts to tailgate to push traffic forward, even though it is already going as fast as possible.

But another car has to slow down. They hit their brakes, and this means the tailgating learns the harsh ways of the road.

The tailgater is not quick enough to respond. He swerves and goes off the road. But he is not trained to go off-roading with his truck. And because he lacks the skills, he ends up in a ditch.

Tailgating is very rude. It is an intimidation technique bullies use to threaten other drivers and push them to go faster than they feel comfortable going. Not only is it rude and unsafe, but it can also result in an aggressive driving charge. And police around the country have been more strictly enforcing this.

When you find someone tailgating you, it is best to remain calm. And if you want to avoid getting rear-ended, you need to be a defensive driver. Pump your brakes to flash your brake lights when you see that you’re going to need to slow down up ahead. This gives the tailgating driver enough time to respond to the change in speed without slamming up behind you like a fool.

We can all understand why the driver in this video pumped the brakes. The SUV was tailgating him and being rude. But this is not best practice. You don’t want to put someone else’s life at risk because of your pride. But there is certainly nothing wrong with flashing your brake lights to warn a tailgater about slower traffic up ahead.

What do you think about this footage? What do you do when someone starts riding up behind you on the road?