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Truth About What Foster Mom Did For Government Benefits Finally Comes Out

Being a foster parent is a big responsibility. A woman in Russia signed up to take on that responsibility and everyone who knew her thought she was being a Good Samaritan, doing her Christian duty. But in truth, she had a much more sinister plot. She has since been imprisoned for six years after she was found to have been both starving and drugging the 11-year-old orphaned boy under her care so she could claim tens of thousands of dollars in sickness benefits.

While in court, Lyubov Korotkova, who is in her 40s, cried and cried as the judge handed down her sentence. Because she received tens of thousands of dollars in government benefits for falsifying the truth, she got the punishment many agree she deserved. While the foster mother of Valery Kondouruv, she starved and drugged him for seven years, until he was near the brink of death.

Because Valery had no parents, Lyubov took advantage of him and abused him so she could get extra money from Putin’s government. The boy was so thin that he resembled a skeleton, and the government was more than happy to shell out tens of thousands of extra dollars to support Lyubov’s care of the boy – until they learned that his illness was fabricated.

From her place in an iron cage, Lyubov cried as she began her sentence. She was convicted of “special cruelty, humiliation and torture” and received a six-year prison sentence. She starved and drugged her foster son for years and lied to doctors to convince them that he had a rare and incurable disease.

Because she wanted the tens of thousands of dollars in extra money, she forced Valery to live in a “grave” medical condition while she spent the money on personal luxuries.

Besides her prison sentence, Lyubov must also pay back the money in full as well as an additional $10,000 in “moral damages.” The child will receive that money.

As soon as the truth about his situation was discovered, Valery was removed from his abusive foster mother’s care.

A member of the Russian Federal Investigative Committed, Svetlana Petrenko said, “The malnutrition was so severe that the 11-year-old boy had the weight of a four-year-old child.”

He was only 3-feet 5-inches tall at age eleven because of his foster mother’s abusive treatment.

Because he is in better care now, he is recovering and gaining weight. He never had a medical problem only a foster mother who abused him for personal gain.

“For eight years, she deliberately was not feeding her fostered child in order to register him as disabled and receive benefits and sickness payments,” Petrenko added. “During all these years, the woman was seeing many different doctors with her child, asking them to check him for multiple diseases, including cancer. As a result, the doctors – who were cheated – could not pinpoint the right diagnosis.”

She switched doctors frequently enough so they would not catch onto her scheme.

Eventually, a doctor caught on and removed the boy from the foster mother’s care. If that hadn’t happened, the little boy might not be alive today.

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