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Unemployed Millennial Is Arrested After Assaulting Her Mom Because She Wanted To Go To Yoga

The Millennial generation faces a lot of unique challenges compared to generations of the past. Not only did many Millennials come of age during the Great Recession, making it very hard to land a job, they also had to deal with unprecedented and crushing student loan debt. These economic hardships forced many Millennials back into the homes of their parents, which was upsetting and frustrating for both parent and child.

However, few people epitomize the entitled, elitist stereotype of a Millennial better than 30-year-old Holly Albert. Holly lives with her mother, relies on her for most things in her life, and has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault after she threw a phone at her mother’s head because mom wouldn’t drive her to yoga.

The violent outburst occurred in the supposedly nice neighborhoods of Potomac, Maryland back in August 2017. Although the violent act occurred eighteen months ago, Holly was just arrested last month.

Following the assault, Holly’s mother was left bleeding from a severe wound to her head. Mom told police officers who responded to the scene of the crime that her daughter had grown irate and violent after mom refused to drive Holly to yoga class.

Holly Albert is unemployed and relies on her mother to support her. After she threw the phone at her mother’s head and left her bleeding from the head wound, mom had no choice but to call 911 and report the incident of domestic violence.

When police arrived, they found Holly’s mother wearing a shirt soaked in blood. Her long hair was lustrous and matted down with blood and gore.

Because Holly wanted to go to yoga class, so she could relax, she grew violent when her mother refused to drive her. That’s when Holly started hurling insults at her mom before picking up the landline phone and throwing that at her.

Holly’s mother suffered a laceration to her head that resulted in a “large amount of bleeding.” She used the phone that bashed her head to dial 911. If it wasn’t near her, she might not have had the strength to reach it.

Although an arrest warrant went out for Holly that day back in August 2017, she was just arrested in February. There is no clear answer as to why Holly was not taken into custody. But her mother did file a statement in court urging them to allow her daughter to continue living in her home despite the violence.

“I freely state that at all times since those events, up to the present, Holly Anne has lived with her father and me without any incident or reason whatsoever that would cause either of us to fear for our safety or well-being,” Albert’s mother wrote. “Moreover, I believe that it is in Holly Anne’s best interest that she continues to reside with us, rather than have to make other living arrangements pending a future trial date. Holly Anne is currently unemployed, and we are providing her with financial and other support at this time. It is Holly Anne’s wish and decision to address and resolve the subject proceeding, and to that end, she is voluntarily surrendering herself to the outstanding warrant. Knowing Holly Anne as I do, I am confident that she intends to appear at every court date necessary to bring this matter to a close.”

Holly Albert will return to Montgomery County District Court on March 19, 2019.

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