Unsuspecting Janitor Opens Up The Toilet Paper Holder As He Does Everyday, Then Screams Loudly : AWM

Unsuspecting Janitor Opens Up The Toilet Paper Holder As He Does Everyday, Then Screams Loudly

A park employee providing a simple service for park guests had quite a surprise in store. The team at Parks Victoria in Melbourne, Australia no doubt have little wildlife surprises from time to time, but this one was completely unexpected. While replacing the Yarra Bend Park rest area’s toilet paper, one employee opened the dispenser to discover a possum nesting among the paper!

Who can blame the little guy, really? It was ultra cozy in there and already primed for nesting with the toilet paper providing the perfect bedding.

Park employees helped him relocate, however, so as not to freak out any unsuspecting park visitors using the restroom. They built him a special shelter in the trees and he happily took to the new home.

This Australian species of possum is known as a brushtail and resembles a squirrel. It often makes its home inside of roofs, which is, no doubt, not fun for any homeowner.

The park posted photos of their friend on Facebook, with this message: “Rangers often see strange things at times but Cameron at Yarra Bend Park admits he was not expecting this following message from the park’s cleaners! ‘Hi Cameron. There is a possum living inside the paper dispenser of the toilet at the Loop picnic area. Thank you.’ Needless to say, the possum was evicted and has been set up in new, more spacious accommodation.”

Comments on their Facebook page included: “I hope you knocked before walking in, possums deserve privacy too,” “Haha that’s cute, he looks cozy,” and “aw that’s so adorable.”

Check out the video below to see more pictures of this adorable little explorer!

Another commenter noted: “Its because the toilet paper is made out of the Australian hardwood trees he was supposed to call home.”

This person made a pretty excellent point, so be aware in a public restroom: “I think the next time the roll gets jammed I’m going to think twice about yanking it out. There might be a poor little possum living in the dispenser.”

Others shared similar experiences, with one person writing: “We have 2 residents that live in our garage and go out at night. They are not afraid of us. They lay and sleep but also sit up and watch us during the day. Very friendly as I can hand feed them.”

Another commented: “I found a field mouse living in the toilet roll dispenser at the Tarragal Camp on the Great South West Walk. Quite annoyed with me, it was too.”

This commenter added: “Thank you for upgrading him with a 5 star accommodation. I hope within close proximity to his old home, so he can catch up with his family and mates.”

While some commenters wondered how he nestled himself into the tiny space, another joked: “He probably liked the free back massage every time someone pulled out paper and turned the roller.”

Another noted: “Would have thought this couldn’t Possumly be true…but photos don’t lie…so cute. We have two that have taken up residence in the top part of the letter box at our tennis club; would you have a pattern for a safe Possum Box, would you be able to advise?” Another commenter pointed them to a wildlife group for help with that.