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UPS Driver Made Friends With A Pit Bull On His Route, Unaware The Dog Would Change His Life Forever

UPS drivers often take the time to interact with dogs during their travels as it sometimes just comes with the territory of the job. Some drivers even find that they form a bond with pets they encounter, but for New York UPS driver Jason Coronado, he and a pitbull-terrier mix became the best of friends. In fact, you could say that fate played a role in their relationship. Jason was working when his job took him to the Buffalo City Animal Shelter.

During an outing with a dog walker, the pitbull mix, named Ernie, came up to Jason and then jumped into Jason’s truck, appearing to want to be with him.

Jason explained to The Dodo: “He was over the hills excited to see me, so I called him on up [into the cabin].”

The dog walker, Cindy Grisanti, explained to The Dodo: “[Coronado] sat on the steps of the truck and Ernie sidled right up to him and started licking his face. After quite a few snuggles I tried to get him out to continue our walk, but it definitely took some doing — he wanted to stay in the truck with his new friend!”

The incident stuck with Jason and, a month later, he checked in on Ernie, who had been waiting to be adopted for several months. Jason was concerned about the dog finding a forever home and knew he had to take action, so he talked with his family about adopting Ernie.

Jason explained in an interview: “He is very joyful. I’m upset I didn’t take him home earlier.” Though he was delayed in adopting the dog, the two were reunited again and Ernie found her forever home.

An image of Ernie and Jason was posted on the Facebook page UPS Dogs, with the caption: “Ernie is always looking for something to get into on his morning walks — so today he decided to get into the UPS truck to see if there were any packages with his name on them — at City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.”

People were moved by Jason taking in the sweet dog, with one person commenting: “There are so many of these precious furbabies just waiting for that special someone to come walking through the door any minute. After all isn’t this ‘Tis The Season’ putting these sweet and adorable souls into a loving forever home now.

In one Facebook post about Ernie being available for adoption, the animal shelter had described him in the following way: “I am a great pal and super friendly and cuddly. I smile and my tail never stops wagging! 1 year old. I need to be the only dog in my family. This is very important for my well-being.”

Comments left on Jason’s Facebook post about bringing Ernie home included notes of delight that these two found their way into each other’s hearts. One person noted: “This story melted my heart. Thank you and your family for welcoming this sweet boy onto your home.”

Another person remarked: “I love that you guys adopted him. I’m super happy for everyone, especially Ernie.”

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