Vandals Tried To Ruin Their Giant Snowman With A Car, But The Snowman Got The Last Laugh : AWM

Vandals Tried To Ruin Their Giant Snowman With A Car, But The Snowman Got The Last Laugh

About a month ago, Cody Lutz and friends decided to do something they had not done in years – make a snowman. While all their other family and friends were complaining about the abundant snowfall, Cody and his group were having a blast. They had not gone out and played in the snow for years and were beyond eager to do so again.

When they set out to make the snowman, they decided to go big. Because it would be so much easier to build the snowman on top of something, they began work around an old tree stump. This gave the base of the snowman a lot of extra support and helped it reach much higher than it otherwise would have.

Cody and his friends in Kentucky had a lot of fun building the snowman. He built it with his fiancé and her sister. When they were done, they had a massive snowman who was almost twice as tall as Cody.

They even named their new buddy, calling him “Frosty.” Not long after birthing the giant, Lutz came home to find something disconcerting. Tire tracks ran through his yard directly at Frosty. But little did the vandal know – but Frosty was not entirely made of snow. His base was a massive tree trunk that had the power to devastate any vehicle.

Because the vandal drove their truck directly into the tree trunk, they were smashed. Their headlights burst, and their grill was destroyed. They caused thousands of dollars of damage to their truck because they were trying to get a kick out of killing Frosty in a hit and run.

Lutz couldn’t help but laugh when he returned home to find the snowman still standing, and the car pieces are strewn about his yard.

Lutz snapped a photo of the fool who drove his truck into the massive tree trunk. Then he shared the image on Facebook along with the following update:

“This is Petersburg for you. What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid. Update: National and International News!! The world loves Frosty! Go say hi.”

People who discovered Frosty’s story on Facebook and the internet at large were eager to share their comments. One person wrote:

“That’s hilarious. Guess there isn’t much else to do in Petersburg than to try to mow over snowmen.”

Another comment said, “I guess they only paused a moment when they heard him holler stop.”

Because Lutz knew that someone had purposely driven on his property in an attempt to murder Frosty with their truck, he called what happened to the driver “karma.”

Since that initial interview, Lutz made it clear that he isn’t an avid believe in karma. Instead, he clarified that he had meant “payback.” Whatever word he wants to use to describe the incident, one thing is certain – that “stupid” driver won’t be driving his truck onto other people’s properties anytime soon. Because Lutz and his fiancé and her sister built Frosty on top of a massive tree trunk, they helped save the “lives” of other snowmen this truck driver might have tried to end this winter.

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