Vanna White Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On National TV That Had Her Red As A Tomato : AWM

Vanna White Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On National TV That Had Her Red As A Tomato

Many people are familiar with all time classic show known as Wheel of Fortune.  Throughout the show, Vanna White walks across stage quite often to tap letters on the board when people guess phrases. She’s been a staple on this show for decades now. During the taping of one episode, Vanna White had what is perhaps one of the most G rated wardrobe malfunctions ever caught on camera, and it will make you chuckle for sure.

In the clip, Vanna is wearing a long, flowing, blue dress.  It touches the floor, which is why when she walked across the stage to go tap a letter, her dress got caught on a little gift box on the side, but Vanna does not notice a thing.

Vanna then walked back to the other side of the stage, but the present stuck to her dress, and followed her across the stage! Again, Vanna is completely clueless what is happening. She doesn’t seem to notice or feel this gift trailing along with her across stage.

The funniest part is that the entire time, Vanna has no idea this is happening to her. Her naivety is what makes this clip ten times more hilarious. It had me laughing for quite some time!

Eventually, she reaches the other side and looks down to see the gift box attached by static forces to her dress.  She didn’t notice it was there until the audience started laughing.

Pat pointed out the box, and it was then when she finally noticed it. Her reaction is also pretty funny.

I guess after all of those years of parading around stage in gorgeous handmade gowns and high heels, some type of wardrobe malfunction was inevitable. She’s just lucky hers was as innocent as this. There are some stars out there who have been deeply mortified and forever remembered for their unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions.

Here’s what some viewers had to say:

“Peggy Pies So funny I can’t stop laughing. She’s so dignified and sweet. She’s lucky it wasn’t a stream of toilet paper. I’ve seen it happen.”

“Sharon Ann Deignan The show must go on no matter what happens.”

“Edward King Since the show is taped and edited, why would they show it or let it “leak” out to the internet ?????”

“Lana Hall It can’t be any worst then when she appeared in a certain magazine years ago”

“Lavina Cornwell Why are people making such nasty remarks about Vanna? Oh yeah haha they must be jealous because she has class .”

“Luanna Wilkening Love watching wheel every night at dinner Time love you too vanna”

“Wes Alexander Sr. Still looking good though, hasn’t changed since her playboy shoot years ago”

“Sheila Luke She is one down to earth Actress with class!”

If you want to see the funny video of Vanna walking across stage with the box, you can view the screen cast from the show below and let us know if you have ever had a similar or funny wardrobe malfunction in the comments below!