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Vegan Woman Calls 911 On Her Friends Who Tricked Her Into Eating Chicken

When a group of friends played a prank on their vegan buddy, they might have taken things too far. Because the female vegan refused to eat meat and animal products for personal reasons, the friends crossed a line when they tricked her into devouring chicken nuggets, which they told her were not made out of real animal parts. But now that the vegan was forced to eat food that she vowed never to consume, she called the police, and now the friends could be facing criminal charges and hard jail time.

Via a Reddit post, the user said she is a 24-year-old woman and a full-time vegan. She hasn’t eaten meat since she was three or four-years-old. Eating meat is not something that she had ever wanted to do because when she learned that meat came from animals, she refused to partake in the slaughtering of the critters.

On Tuesday, the outraged Reddit user turned to the social media platform to explain how her now-former friends tricked her into eating meat. Because they lied to her about what she was eating and violated her dietary restriction, they have been charged with food tampering. The charges came just a week after they tricked the woman into eating poultry when it went against her personal views and dietary habits.

Over the summer, a handful of pranksters were charged with food tampering and related crimes after they were caught on video licking ice cream containers and putting them back into the freezers at grocery stores. This charge was different but still considered food tampering.

The problem began when she went to a party with her now-former friends and drank too much alcohol. She said she got “white girl wasted” and was a complete and utter wreck. That’s when her friends decided to take advantage of her and violate her personal beliefs. They fed her chicken meat as a prank, although they knew that she had been a life-long vegan.

“My friends thought it would be funny to feed me chicken nuggets as a prank.”

Despite being drunk, the victim asked her friends if the morsels were vegan before she ate them. They lied to her, and she finished off the helping of real chicken.

“They tasted off to me, but I figured it was just because I was drunk. I was wrong.”

The next day, the victim’s sister sent her a message telling her to check her friend’s Snapchat story. That’s when she saw that her “friends” had fed her real chicken and turned her victimization into a social media moment.

“Now three of my (ex) friends are facing charges,” she wrote.

It is never funny to mess with what people eat. Food is essential to human survival, and tampering with it is a violation of human rights. Nevertheless, people feed people things they’re allergic to as a “joke,” and it can prove deadly. Thankfully, the woman did not have a reaction to the chicken meat.

Do you think the pranksters should pay for what they did to the vegan woman?

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