Vegan’s Response To Cop Sharing Photo Of Cooked Breakfast To Support Local Farmers Goes Viral : AWM

Vegan’s Response To Cop Sharing Photo Of Cooked Breakfast To Support Local Farmers Goes Viral

When a police force in a rural part of the United States shared a picture of their cooked breakfast, which included eggs and sausage, you wouldn’t think anyone would be offended. But vegans who saw the image were furious. They began lashing out at the cops for posting the photo of the hearty breakfast. But the North Wales Police Rural Crime Team had simply posted the photo to support the local farmers in response to the National Farmers Union (NFU) posted a “farmhouse breakfast” campaign meeting.

The cops spared no expense when cooking their breakfast to support the farmers. It includes plump breakfast sausages, dozens of perfectly poached eggs, ham, baked beans and enough slices of toast for each officer.

The image was posted to Twitter, and most people were happy to see the rural police force supporting the farmers in the area.

But one woman named Diana, who claims to be a vegan, lashed out and wrote:

“Speaking as a taxpayer, I’d prefer them to be less selective when answering questions and perhaps not post breakfast pics that offend vegetarian/vegan followers – pretty thoughtless considering the job title they have.”

Although Diana thought she had a good argument, many other members of the community were quick to retaliate. Farmer Jono Dixon shared the following in response to Diana’s post:

“It’s pathetic. The vegans are ruling the roost. They are nothing more than a menace. We as carnivores or vegetarians don’t dictate about there preferred diet so its time they stopped trolling and whining about everyone’s daily diets.”

Although people were eager to hear what Rural Crime Team leader Rob Taylor had to say in response to Diana’s vegan outburst, he said his lack of response had nothing to do with the vegans who found the breakfast feast “offensive.”

“We regularly get 1m impressions each month, and in August alone we had 1.9m impressions,” Crime Team leader Taylor said. “We just can’t answer (all inquiries) anymore as it’s a huge commitment. Over Christmas, we had too much general interaction with people from various walks of life bombarding our feed with questions, and we couldn’t cope.”

Because the rural cops care about the farmers in their area, they plan to continue to post to their Twitter page. They have about 15,000 followers and an extensive reach on social media. Most of their followers love them and support everything they do.

Although the Rural Crime Team refused to admit that the vegans had won, since Christmas Day, they have not posted any more images showcasing the eggs and bacon they eat to start off their day of crime fighting.

They did share the following post:

“We have considered all options, and from immediate effect, we will cease responding to comments and questions until further notice.”

Readers of Metro generally did not find the sausage “offensive,” but felt that way about the vegan post.

“Previous generation: ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ Today’s generation: ‘Everything hurts.’”

Do you think it is okay for the police to share an image of their breakfast if it includes meat?