Vet Frees Chained Up Horse In The Wild, But It’s The Horse’s Reaction That Is Truly A Miracle : AWM

Vet Frees Chained Up Horse In The Wild, But It’s The Horse’s Reaction That Is Truly A Miracle

It is an awful experience to be tangled up in something and unable to free oneself without the help of another person. Spare a thought, then, for the animals all over the world who find themselves in this position everyday. Horses, however, are often left to roam relatively freely – but this is not the case everywhere. Sometimes people need to keep a horse nearby for agricultural reasons or whatever may be the case. But this practice can often hurt the horses, especially when it involves binding the legs of horses so they cannot move.

This binding is sometimes done with chains, as well, that can seriously hurt the poor horses. That is the case with the story below.

A vet named Ovidiu Rosu works with the organization called Four Paws in Romania that helps treat animals across the country. One day, he was returning home on a road he was unfamiliar with. Looking across the fields, Ovidiu was alarmed to see a horse that seemed to have been bound around its legs with metal chains.

This chains looked much too tight and so the heroic vet stopped to have a look. Getting his equipment out of the trunk of the car, Ovidiu thought about how tragic it was that this once-free creature was all tied up and unable to move. Approaching the horse, Ovidiu grew even more concerned. It seemed as though the chains were too tight and hurting the animal!

Seeing that the chains had cut into the legs of the horse made Ovidiu angry and led him to work even faster. Thankfully, because the horse hadn’t been tied up too long Ovidiu was able to prevent the animal from getting hurt any further. The horse understood what Ovidiu was doing almost immediately and let the vet do his business without interrupting. It is amazing how animals can sometimes sense when someone is helping them and not trying to hurt them – even though it is likely that the technique Ovidiu employed hurt the horse somewhat – only to free it though!

The horse not only lets Ovidiu do his work without interruption, but also thanks Ovidiu in a way that the vet will never forget. Standing up on his legs unbound for the first time in a long time, the horse takes a few tentative steps. Moving around the field in a way that seems like it is a new experience for the poor horse, it is clear that the animal is shocked and overjoyed at the transformation of its life. Ovidiu, for his part, stands back and the obvious pride in his work is written all over his face.

Four Paws is evidently a magnificent institution. Once the horse has learned to move again it doesn’t prance off without doing something else first. It approaches Ovidiu and thanks him in a way that is profound and shocking to all watching. The horse truly knows what a saviour the Romanian vet is, and you can too, by watching the video below.