Veterans Keep Dying Suspiciously At This One Hospital. Authorities Now Believe They Know Why : AWM

Veterans Keep Dying Suspiciously At This One Hospital. Authorities Now Believe They Know Why

Nurses are some of the best people in the world, taking care of us when we really, really need it. They work incredibly hard to help us survive and keep patients comfortable while they are undergoing treatment. Without nurses, hospitals would be a complete mess and we don’t give them enough credit. Unfortunately, not all of them are good people, at the end of the day.

William Davis was a nurse at CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital up until he was fired in February. He was fired when it was discovered via security cameras that he was tampering with patients while working the night shift.

His evil actions became obvious when seven patients suffered emergencies while under his care. The investigation took a few months, but now he has been arrested in relation to these medical emergencies.

Davis was caught on camera going into the patient’s rooms during his night shift, and then leaving very quickly. Each of the patients then suffered a medical emergency, with at least a few of them suffering an air embolism. This means he was introducing air into their circulatory system, something that every nurse knows can be catastrophic.

The seven cases go all the way back to June, and Davis managed to spread out his crimes enough to evade detection until February. But now he has been arrested in relation to these cases and charged with at least one count of murder so far.

Davis has been accused of injuring 5 of the patients, and killing two of them. It is unknown at the time if he will be charged with the second murder, but it’s hard to imagine any other way.

He is currently being held in jail specifically for the charge of killing Christopher Greenaway on August 6, 2017. Greenaway was a decorated U.S. army veteran and a pilot on top. But he wasn’t the only one who died due to Davis’ evil decision to attack these helpless patients.

The second murder victim was another veteran, 61-year-old Perry Frank of Palestine, Texas. He was recovering from heart surgery when the cold-blooded Davis murdered him.

According to a statement from the nursing board, Davis went into their rooms and performed, “unnecessary or inappropriate interventions,” These actions caused strokes in all of the cases, and death in two of them. The rest were left in a vegetative state and their condition or possible recovery is unknown at this time.

According to DailyMail, Davis, “later admitted to management that he reset a beeping IV, flushed the arterial line… a few times and pumped up the pressure bag.”

While one occurrence of something tragic like this could be construed as an accident, a pattern of action like this shows that Davis has serial tendencies to attack those he was in charge of protecting. This man should spend the rest of his life in jail for robbing those two veterans of the rest of their lives. Their children will live without a father all because this sick, twisted man decided to abuse his position of power.

Do you think he should be put in jail for the rest of his life with no possibility of parole?