Victim Who Was Set On Fire By Jealous Woman In 2012 Reveals Her New Face (video) : AWM

Victim Who Was Set On Fire By Jealous Woman In 2012 Reveals Her New Face (video)

In 2012, Dana Vulin was the victim of a horrendous crime that left her face completely disfigured. When one woman thought that her estranged husband had been having an affair with Vulin, she broke into her house and set her on fire after saturating her in methylated spirits. As Vulin screamed in pain while her body was being completely burned, the woman laughed. This is probably one of the most horrible crimes that a person can commit and one of the worst for the victim.

Vulin endured third-degree burns on 64% of her body and face and had to undergo several procedures and surgeries over the next two years just to get her physical functions back intact.

For three years, Vulin wore a compression mask on her face while dealing with the aftermath of the crime. Both her mental and physical strength were challenged but her determination and fighting spirit made her come out on top, even after she battled cervical cancer in 2013.

“I never chose to be burned alive, but I did choose to fight for my family, my friends, and my life. I’m not just alive, I’m living! said Vulin, who recently released a new memoir called “Worth Fighting For.”

The book shares the details of the crime, her physical recovery, and the strength that she needed to get through it all. At just 25-years-old, Vulin was in a coma for several days and had to endure nearly 200 procedures in a few years just to get her back to moving again.

Her compression mask had to stay on for three years in order to heal the wounds. When it was time to remove the mask she did so on television and she has proven to be an inspiration to us all. Vulin is proof that having faith, determination and a strong support system will get you through every obstacle.

The photos below show the amazing recovery she made over just three years.

“I was born into a family that taught me that love is stronger than hate, stronger than fear,” said Vulin in her book. She will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Burns Foundation.

Natalie Dimitrovska committed this horrible crime and was later convicted and sentenced in the District Court of Western Australia for 17 years in prison for causing burns to more than half of Vulin’s body during the premeditated attack.

Commenters shared their praise for Vulin…

“Good for her. Just for speaking to a guy….geez. Wife needs to control her jealousy. This is ridiculous. Could not live with someone who would do this. Hope husband left her.”

Vulin was beautiful before and even more beautiful today after her struggle…

“She is one brave lady, and still very beautiful, hats off to you.”

“OMG, that’s horrible but glad she survived. When will women realize a man is faithful or he’s not. So sad, God bless her.”

It is truly sad that someone would commit such a horrid crime out of jealousy. Maybe she should’ve just split up with her husband.