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Video Goes Viral For What A Sanitation Worker Did With An 88-Year-Old Woman

Cameras have revolutionized the world around us. Now that they’re installed on almost every home as security devices and in each one of our pockets as a basic feature on our phones, the world around us can be easily documented and captured on video. While this can expose crimes and wrongdoing, like when people in authority positions do the wrong thing or pet owners abuse their dogs in elevators, it can also catch the moment a Good Samaritan, like this sanitation worker, goes out of his way to help an elderly woman.

This heartwarming story begins back in January 2019. While trying to take her trash bins to the road, Colette Kingston’s 88-year-old mother slipped and fell. During the accident, she hurt her head and suffered extensively. Colette’s mother, Opal, was previously diagnosed with dementia, but the fall made things worse.

Because Colette wanted to assist her mother and make life easier for the elderly woman, she installed home security cameras so she could keep an eye on her aging mother from a distance. She wanted to make sure nothing untoward happened to Opal or her home while Colette was away. The home security system, which she had installed for a modest fee, helped her keep watch on her mother to make sure she was healthy and happy. Not only did it give Opal some added support, but it also helped Colette rest easy knowing that her mother was safe and sound.

During routine checks of the security footage, Colette would sometimes see sanitation workers interacting with Opal. Although Opal was diagnosed with dementia, she still liked to have conversations with people, even if they were strangers. But as Colette surveyed the footage, she realized that this sanitation was a lot more than a stranger. He seemed to be establishing an endearing friendship with the old woman. Watching that made Colette’s heart sing. But she didn’t think much about it beyond the fact that it was a friendship that was being fostered while the man went about his daily routine at work.

However, the interactions grew longer as the pair grew friendly. Then one day, Colette watched as the sanitation worker and how he took great painstaking care to treat her elderly mother with kindness and respect. It was a sight for sore eyes.

The daughter was so touched by the content captured on the video that tears sprang to her eyes. She could not help herself. She worked so hard to provide for her elderly mother and to do everything in her power to give her mother the care she deserved after a lifetime of caring for her, that Colette was overjoyed to see another person doing the same for her beloved mother.

The footage captured the moment the sanitation worker went above and beyond his job description to help Opal. The interaction caught on camera changed the way Colette thought about sanitation workers.

“Most of the time, you don’t even know their face, let alone a name with them,” she told WDAF. But now she was never going to forget the kindhearted sanitation worker who helped make Opal’s life so much better.

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