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Video: He Bought A Carton Of Eggs From The Grocery Store, Days Later One Started Wiggling

Eggs are probably amongst the most commonly used ingredients that we use, which is why cartoons fly off the shelves so quickly and stores need to restock constantly. They are used in baked goods, main courses, and of course, they are used for a variety of breakfast dishes including. Because they can be served in a variety of different ways, eggs will always be popular amongst consumers.

On a mission to test a theory about free-range poultry farms, Netherlands resident Alwyn Wils decided to forego using his package of eggs as a meal, and instead, he put them in an incubator. He wanted to find out the truth about whether these eggs were fertilized or not. Because hens from free-range poultry farms have a tendency to be surrounded by roosters strutting around, Wils wanted to see if any of his eggs happened to be fertilized.

After placing the eggs in an incubator and caring for them for 19 days, Wils was shocked to see one of them starting to move. Wils proved the theory that not all supermarket eggs are unfertilized.

The video below shows Wils’ journey with the eggs, starting out from day one when he places the 12 eggs in the incubator. Two and a half weeks later, on February 3rd, we see one of the eggs start to wiggle before a baby chick slowly emerges from the broken shell. By February 4th, the chick, who is named “Albert,” is fully separated from the egg and walking around. He walks into Wils’ hands with ease and even snuggles by his neck. The video ends on February 17th, with the chick looking very mature. Wils’ leaves off by saying “to be continued.”

Hopefully, we will see more from Albert the chick and we know for certain that Wils was grateful that he didn’t end up scrambling a dozen eggs. It looks like he even gained a new friend from testing out the theory.

Commenters shared a few words about Albert…

“That means… if you didn’t by these eggs… SOMEONE WOULD HAVE EATEN ALBERT!? Greets from Germany :)”

“I just started watching your channel today and your love for Albert is such a beautiful thing to see! Reminds me of me and my dog. Keep up the good work with your videos of Albert.”

And others shared their own experiences with eggs…

“I remember when I was 6 years old I took an egg from the refrigerator and put it next to the heat vent expecting it to hatch within a couple of hours… I was so disappointed.”

“AWWWWWW so sad my quail flew away and I cried after I saw this vid.”

Following this video, it was likely that other people wanted to test out the theory…

“I imagine about 1.9 million people went out and purchased a case of eggs from their nearest grocery store and checked for signs of life.”

It will be interesting to see if Wils ever decides to actually eat eggs again, having seen a baby chick hatch from a dozen eggs that he purchased at the grocery store.