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Video: He Takes This Ordinary Ball Of Tin Foil And Turns It Into Something Amazing

Japan has become known for it’s interesting and bizarre pop culture, but a new fad has everyone on the internet going crazy. It involves aluminum foil, a hammer, a polishing cloth, and far more time than most people have to spend. But if you have a ton of time and those few items, you too can make a perfectly round and mirror-like aluminum foil.

You might think that aluminum foil is only good for keeping your baking pans clean and storing leftovers, but that’s incorrect. As you’ll see through making your own aluminum foil ball, it’s actually quite an amazing product.

Most of us have balled up some aluminum foil and thrown it around or at each other, but this is an entire new level of aluminum foil craftsmanship and effort. While this fad isn’t new by any means, it has only recently spread across the world thanks to a viral instructional video that was recently shared.

Before you undertake this amazing project, keep in mind that it is anything but simple. Regardless of how easy it looks in the tutorial videos, be prepared for a lot of angst as you work your way through this one. It is easy to mess up as well, so you might have to start over from scratch to get the perfect results you see online.

If you do make it through all the effort, perhaps you’ll find that the beautiful mirror shine makes it all worthwhile. The only way to figure that out is to try it out yourself!

Start out with several sheets of aluminum foil. Force them into as tight a ball as you can, and make sure it is a bit larger than you want the final product to be. Use your hands to remove as much space from the inside as you possibly can, then grab your hammer.

The next step is to flatten out any wrinkles that you can find, and as your flatten them out new ones may form. Don’t get discouraged, this is all a part of the process. Continue to hammer the ball until every single wrinkle or crack is completely sealed over.

Throughout the process, ensure that your ball is still perfectly round by examining it from different angles. If one part is a little lopsided, work it into shape with your hands, a hard surface or the hammer.

Next, you’ll need to polish up the ball to make the surface shiny and perfect. This will take even longer than the hammering and you can’t quit until it is perfectly mirrored. Once it has been fully polished, you’ll be amazed by the final product!

Due to the typical weight of a shiny metal like this, you would expect the ball to be heavy. But the ball weighs no more than the sheets of aluminum that you started with – how could it? You didn’t add or take away anything from the ball, but rather changed it’s shape.

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