Video Of Rat Behaving Like A Human Has Quickly Caused Quite A Stir On Social Media (watch) : AWM

Video Of Rat Behaving Like A Human Has Quickly Caused Quite A Stir On Social Media (watch)

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. A video of a rat taking a shower, even scrubbing himself with soap! The video, which is making the rounds online, shows the rat happily sudsing up the soap and giving himself a proper washing, even cleaning his armpits, just like a human. Electronic DJ Jose Correa filmed the video, claiming that he saw that rat when he was about to take a shower. The Daily Mail reports that Correa explained the strange sight, noting:

“He was just like a human, I’ve never seen anything like it. It went on for about 30 seconds, and then he ran off. I think he just wanted to give himself a good clean.”

He added: “I care a lot about animals so I wanted to protect his privacy. I would never want to hurt him. So I just filmed him and let him go.” As for the video’s success, he said: “I never expected it would be this popular. I can’t believe it.”

Of course, given the strange rat scrubdown, many people are skeptical that it’s even real, as those who commented on Reddit were quick to note that the rat appeared to have no tail. One commenter ponted out:

“Where’s his tail? Rats have a very long tail, very hard to hide an entire tail behind them. I’ve owned rats, I’m not stupid I know what I’m talking about.”

Well, here’s what Jose had to say in response:

“Hey! Don`t take it too seriously, I did not say you were stupid, you are a smart person since you are the only one who is asking about the tail… it`s a humorous video, relax and smile in order to live longer.”

Those who commented on the Daily Mail’s story about the video weighed in with comments, with one person stating: “Brilliantly done but should have added a tail….very funny,” and another writing: “It’s Ratatouille, always scrubs himself before he cooks!!!”

Still others weren’t all that impressed, with comments like: “That is quite cute although if I found that in my shower I’d probably wet myself!!” and “Makes me want to vomit.”

Still others discussed rat hygiene, interestingly enough, with one person noting: “Who knew?! All this time we humans had regarded rats as dirty creatures… Nah! It was just that they had lacked access to shampoo. How extraordinary though that this wee fella knows precisely what to do with the nice-smelling cleanser. I wonder if He was thinking, ‘She’s sure to like me now…’”

Another commenter who is familiar with owning rats weighed in in response: “Rats are very clean animals, I have had many pet rats even now I have three. They clean their homes and selfs every few hours. Sorry was not being a troll I like rats and thought I’d put a voice in there for them lol.”

A rat fan also commented on the YouTube video of the rodent showering, pointing out: “Even though we see them as a nasty pest, rats clean themselves like most other rodents (like hamsters and rabbits) with no need of water or soap. The rat is not having a good time trying to get the soap out of its body, and the guy who did this just to go viral is a total jerk. No one should share this.”