Two Amish teens were caught on camera buying swimsuits for the first time. The girls, who are Return to Amish stars Rosanna Miller, 18, and Maureen Byler, 19, were shopping for their first bathing suits in Florida with the support of their grandmother Ada Byler, age unknown, for the reality television series that airs on TLC. Footage of the girls shopping showcases the lighthearted moment that the pair of sheltered young women get to experience the Florida beach in a skimpy bathing suit for the first time.

The footage originally aired in April on TLC but was recently uploaded to the TLC YouTube channel last Friday. Since the video has emerged on Google’s video platform, the clip has received more than 1.4 million views and counting.

Rosanna and Maureen grew up in a strict and conservative Amish community in the United States. Because their grandmother was trying to expose them to more of what the world has to offer, she took them to the shop in Florida to shop for bathing suits. When the girls first walked over to the swimsuit section, they were stricken with anxiety because they’d never worn anything like them before.

Fortunately, Claudia, the store associate, was very helpful and kind, getting the girls to try on a number of bathing suits until they found the perfect one for them.

“Being Amish, the girls are supposed to be covered up, like they’re not allowed to show their skin or anything,” Rosanna explained to the camera.

Maureen was instantly drawn to a bandeau-style bikini top but was confused by how it would work.

“Don’t your boobs fall out?” she asked. She admitted that she wasn’t ready for a skimpy bikini because even though she was in Florida, she was not “ready to show off my goodies.”

The girls came from a community that forced them to dress a specific way and even banned them from wearing patterns. Besides, the girls had to wear clothes created by members of their community.

The girls were so new to the experience of shopping that they had no clue what size swimsuit they would wear. Grandma Ada suggested they go by their underwear size since the Amish buy underwear in stores.

“I’m really nervous wearing something this skimpy,” Maureen confessed in her testimonial. “I’m scared.”

Meanwhile, Claudia, the associate, helped the girls pick out flattering swimsuits – some that were two-piece and others that were one-piece. She even suggested that the Amish teens get a Brazilian wax since they were going to the beach.

“This swimsuit shows places that I thought no one would ever see except for my husband on my wedding night,” Rosanna said.

As the girls try on various swimsuits, their reactions are priceless. Grandma Ada and Claudia praise the girls and encourage them to keep trying out bathing suits.

“Damn, you look sexy,” Rosanna told Maureen when she saw her in the skimpy swimsuit.

Maureen chose a one-piece suit while Rosanna decided on a two-piece bikini that showed off her flat abs. Meanwhile, Grandma Ada went with a reddish one-piece.

Watch these Amish teens try on swimsuits in this video clip from TLC!

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