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Video: She Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Threaten To Bomb America At The Airport

Whenever a new technology reaches the general public, a small percentage of people try to find ways to ruin it for everyone. Whether they use the internet to hack into people’s personal information and create fake identities to steal their credit or hack into self-driving cars to cause massive pileups and crashes, criminal minds itch to make life miserable for the rest of the population.

Not long after the Wright brothers helped humanity take to the air, criminals found airplanes to be a prime opportunity for terrorism. They began bringing bombs onto planes and hijacking flights in midair. And then terrorists started turning the planes into weapons themselves and ramming them into buildings on suicide missions.

If it was not for these evil minds and the perpetuation of violence around the world, we would not need such intense security checks at the airport. We would not need to remove our shoes if there hadn’t been a shoe bomber. As a result, even mentioning the word bomb anywhere near a plane is enough to get the airport police on your case in minutes.

But one woman thought it would be funny to threaten America. She threatened to bomb the United States while she was in the airport. And as you will see in the video included below, things did not turn out that great for her.

The video, which was first published to YouTube in 2016, documents an extremist Muslim woman get handcuffed and detained by airport police.

Tony Vera happened upon the scene on June 14. He often documents life around Los Angeles and saw the woman getting harassed. He didn’t know what was happening and wondered if the hijab-wearing woman was being wrongfully detained. Then he heard the words coming out of her mouth and was grateful for the quick intervention of the police.

But then the police let her go. And that’s when Vera swoops in and starts interviewing her. She begins to levy threat after threat at the United States. She even threatens to bomb the country in between her anti-gay and lesbian rants.

At the time Vera was filming, he indicates that the FBI has been called and he will be happy to turn over the footage as they investigate the case.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the footage. Thousands shared comments. Here are a few.

“Why was this woman not put on a flight that returned her to from where she came from? After all the time and investigation that is where she should end up anyway. Wouldn’t it make more sense from a financial standpoint to just send her home?”

“Once she defended the Orlando terrorist and agreed with the right to kill more than 50 people, (that) makes her a terrorist.”

Some people suggested the woman was just angry at being detained and didn’t mean any real threats.

“Cleary she is mad because cops stopped her. She’s just mad. I understand her.”

What is your reaction to this intense footage? What do you think is the correct way to respond to this?