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Video: This Is What Happens When A Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Many truck drivers have long treks to make regularly, so how do they fight getting tired when they’re behind the wheel? The truck driver in this story wasn’t able to prevent himself from nodding off, fell asleep while driving and met a very tragic end when he lost control of the vehicle. Dashcam footage from a vehicle in the opposite lane of oncoming traffic shows the horrific accident unfold.

In the video, the driver, Yuttapong Hawilee, is seen losing control of the vehicle and swerving across several lanes of traffic before smashing into the center barrier in Thailand.

The oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane caught the action on its dash cam, as seen in the video, with just a few moments of driving captured before the truck is seen ahead, slamming into the median barrier as the driver was flung from the vehicle’s cabin and into the car. The scene is then slowed down to really see the details of the horrific accident unfold. The video also shows how the truck and the median were destroyed.

Rescuers arrived on scene and rushed the man to a hospital but he died several hours later from the injuries. Police are investigating what caused the accident, but believe he may have fallen asleep while driving and lost control.

Police Lieutenant Pornchai Jiampongpaisal explained: “We know that the trailer suddenly crashed into the barrier but we have to find the cause of this. From the preliminary investigation we believe the tow truck driver may be falling asleep or may be dodging another car. We believe he was not wearing a seat belt.”

The car that the man landed on was towed and the driver of that car was thankfully uninjured.

Many commenters on the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story agreed that wearing a seatbelt could have helped, with one person writing: “This is why seatbelts save lives. They need to turn this into a commercial to help save live” and another commenter agreed: “Here is a prime example of how wearing a seatbelt can save your life.”

One person explained: “They’re working a trauma code on scene, likely (hopefully) lost consciousness upon ejection, less than 2% chance of surviving that situation even with immediate medical care — condolences to his loved ones. Folks, belt up when in the car, the alternatives just aren’t worth the risk.”

Another commenter remarked: “I see drivers all the time weaving about. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them but it can. You can be a good driver but if the other drivers are half asleep you’re just another target.”

There was also a discussion about the ambulance and life saving equipment being inadequate, with one commenter offering this explanation: “Maybe it was the first one to have gotten there, any help is better than waiting for a full on ambulance. BTW I don’t know what it’s like in America, but here in England we have these type of paramedic vehicles as I was put in one when I broke my arm rather than the usual ambulance.”

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