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VIDEO: We Saw Something Wiggling In The Water And Knew There Was Trouble

The moments that define us often come when we least expect them. Seldom do we, like fictional characters in movies and books, get countless hours and weeks to prepare for a significant point in our life. Sometimes we are thrust into a situation and need to prove that we have meddled. No amount of training can prepare you to be a good person.

You need to want to do right in the world. And when we catch people doing the right thing when they don’t care if anyone is watching, we know we have just stumbled upon the greatness that humanity can embody. For when people do good, the world becomes a better place.

A viral video surfaced that depicts a man wading out into the water after seeing an unexpected sight. A dolphin was stuck in the shallow water tied up in the seaweed. The poor sea mammal was scared for its life. And if the dolphin were not freed from the entrapment soon, it would not be able to survive for much longer. Thankfully, this unsung hero went out to do the right thing and help free the water mammal.

When the man gets to the dolphin, the creature has already tired itself out trying to break free from its seaweed prison. It hardly has any energy left to struggle against the strands of seaweed that keep it stuck in the shallow water.

Thankfully, the man on the boat jumps to action. It takes about two minutes before he has prepared himself, but when he is ready, he steps onto the sand bar in the shallow water and approaches the terrified dolphin.

Before he tries to cut away the seaweed, he places his hand on the dolphin’s back in a kind gesture. At the touch, the dolphin jolts unsure whether the man is there to hurt him or save him. But the man leaves his hand there and strokes the dolphin’s back a few times. Within a short moment, the dolphin has relaxed, having understood that the man intends to help and not hurt.

The man then reaches into the water to remove the seaweed that is holding the creature down.

At the 2:45-mark, the person behind the camera pans up to show a distance out into the water. There are other dolphins waiting for the stuck one to join them. They seem to be calling for it. They understand that something is wrong and must be worried.

The dolphin begins to struggle. It wants to join the others. And then the man starts guiding it out of the shallow water. He has gotten it unstuck from the seaweed!

When the dolphin is freed, it stays around to thank the man for his act of kindness. Watching the creature do this proves that humans are not the only beings on Earth capable of demonstrating gratitude and love.

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