Video: When He Told Me I Needed To Strap In For Dinner, I Almost Had A Heart Attack : AWM

Video: When He Told Me I Needed To Strap In For Dinner, I Almost Had A Heart Attack

When restaurants have windows, they love to seat customers there first. As people walk or drive by, they’ll be more likely to see customers enjoying their meals and thus feel confident that the place is good. But this can be just an illusion. Just because the restaurant seats guests in the windowed areas, does not mean the restaurant is booming and bustling.

It could just mean that the restaurant is using this strategy to bring more people in and showcase those who are already in the place. So when I see this happening, I am immediately suspect. However, in Brussels, restaurateurs have a new tactic to draw people into their establishment. And in the video below, you’ll see how they’re serving up “Dinner in the Sky.” Check this one out.

The experience is unique. Diners sit at a table, which is then hoisted up into the air above the beautiful European city. Only twenty-two guests can go up at a time, and they get to watch some of the best chefs in the world work and cook their dinner. The experience is amazing and truly unique.

Chefs have stepped up to the challenge. They want to give their guests the best experience possible – especially since they’re paying such a high price for the food. But they also face other limitations. Because there is limited space, the Brussels chefs adapted the menu to fit the workspace they had available.

In the YouTube video below, you’ll get a chance to experience the Dinner in the Sky experience through the lens of the camera. It is indeed not as good as actually being there, but it is a close second.

They describe it like this: “22 guests and 1 ‘starred’ chef will share an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the skies over the capital, enjoying an unparalleled view of Brussels and its surroundings while delighting in rare dishes and fine wines.”

That most certainly sounds like something I would love to experience at some point in my life.

Seven chefs work the lofty restaurant. And they rotate out which gives guests a different experience each time. You could go for Dinner in the Sky seven times and have a unique experience every time.

In the video, you’ll see just how elegant the experience can be for these lucky guests. While the price tag for the experience can break the bank, it just might be worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone visiting Brussels. And if you’re a foodie who loves to try the latest and greatest dishes on the planet, you’ll most certainly want to dive into your research on taking a Dinner in the Sky night in Brussels.

Food helps bring people together, and when you’re trapped together with two-dozen people on a floating platform, you’ll need to connect with them or feel left out. You don’t know who you’ll end up meeting, but you can almost guarantee you’ll be hanging with a cool crowd.

Would you ever want to take your family on this Dinner in the Sky experience?