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Villagers Think Ice Rock Fell From Heaven, Tests Reveal Embarrassing Truth

When a chunk of ice fell from the sky and crash landed in a small village in the massive country of India, locals did not know what to think. Some believed it was a sign from God and thought it was a piece of the heavens falling onto them as a blessing. The 22-pound chunk of ice plummeted from the heavens and smashed into a stretch of grass “with a big thud,” the BBC reported. As people started to approach the fallen piece of sky, they picked up pieces that had smashed off the original.

They concluded that the mysterious ice ball must have been sent as a sign from God. Or perhaps it fell from outer space. And because they did not want to lose touch with the divine, they brought the piece of ice into their homes and placed them in their freezers to preserve them as long as possible.

Later test results stole away the glory of the falling piece of ice. While it indeed fell from the sky, it was not a piece of heaven. It had likely fallen from an airplane.

And when the lab tested the frozen material, they learned that it was a solid mass of frozen excrement. And the villagers were stunned.

Because the chunk of excrement fell a huge distance and weighed 22 pounds, it would have accelerated to a velocity of 50 meters per second. And that is seven times more kinetic energy than a round fired from an AK-47, reported the Conservative Tribune. Fortunately, it fell onto the grass and did not strike any person. That was a gift from God.

Although falling excrement sounds like an unusual occurrence, it happens more frequently than you’d suspect. In India just last year, another woman was struck in the shoulder with a piece of frozen human waste. It had smashed through her ceiling and hit her with a lot of force.

Aviation experts have a name for this frozen waste product. It’s called “blue ice” because airplanes inject liquid disinfectant into their airplane toilets to help keep things clean.

When it is not correctly disposed of, blue ice forms on the bottom of planes. These leaks freeze and build up. And when they reach a critical mass, they chip off and plummet to the ground like a rocket.

This malfunction can happen anywhere around the world. Even though the United States has higher standards among aircraft than some parts of the world, it still can occur. And it is completely possible for blue ice to fall from the sky and damage your house, car or even your person.

Experts do not know how much blue ice falls to the earth every day. It might happen more than we think. But because it is ice and melts soon after landing, we might not know all the times it has smashed to the ground, unless it damages property or falls near people.

The United Kingdom has had 25 cases of blue ice falling from the sky.

If you had seen the blue ice, would you have touched it?