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Viral Video Of Dog Gains 20 Million Views, Now The Lady Who Filmed It Is Getting Threats

Pit bulls are commonly in the media for a number of reasons. You have people who feel they make the best pets, as well as those who feel they are a breed that cannot be trusted. The great debate over this breed of dog went to a completely new level recently when a video hit the internet. Jessica Dilallo, a resident of Dalton, Georgia, posted a video that shows a pit bull completely destroying her vehicle. It did not take long for the video to go viral and get more than 20 million views, but it was the not the dog that most people were discussing.

In the video, you can see the dog ripping apart the bumper and quarter panel of the vehicle. Dillalo appears to be recommending that the police take severe action against the dog to get it to stop ripping into the vehicle. When you listen closely, you can hear her asking the police if they will shoot the dog. She also asked a police officer to throw either a stick or a rock at the dog to try and get it to stop ripping into the car.

Her asking the officers about ways to stop the dog did not end there, however, because she then asked the cops if she bought a gun if she could legally shoot the dog. She then asks the officer, “why not” after the officer seemingly tells her no. She would not stop asking about shooting the dog either. She asked again why she would not be able to shoot the dog because she says the pit bull was destroying her property.

The officer explains that there is nothing that he can do, and you can hear in the video that Dilallo is getting more upset. The dog looks angry already and the officer appears to be taking a cautious approach which is understandable. The Miami Herald reported that the officer said that he did not want to further anger the dog and cause it to start attacking the people that were around at the scene.

After the fact, it was discovered that two cats were hiding below the hood of the vehicle and this is why the dog was attacking the car. Red, the dog, was trying to get to them as this is what dogs naturally do in nature. The dog’s owner stated that they will pay for the damage that the vehicle experienced.

Due to Dilallo talking on the video about killing the dog, she says that she has received death threats. She also says that she stands by wanting to kill the dog even with the people sending her less than kind messages.

With the controversy surrounding the pit bull breed, it is not surprising that this incident went viral. Thankfully, the dog was not hurt, and the cats were safe too. At this point, her vehicle damage is being taken care of by Red’s owner, but Dilallo says that she is still fielding threats and other rude and angry messages from the public due to her words on the video.