Waitress Spots Injured Veteran In Distress, Immediately Steps In. Now Her Actions Are Going Viral : AWM

Waitress Spots Injured Veteran In Distress, Immediately Steps In. Now Her Actions Are Going Viral

Kindess, for the win! An employee at a Georgia Huddle House restaurant saw a customer in need and went above and beyond her job responsibilities. The kind gesture was captured on video, showing the woman bending over the man’s plate of pancakes to cut the food for him. The man had been shot in the hand and was unable to do the seemingly simple task himself, so when she saw the moment of need, she stepped up in a big way.

Dallas Smith Jr. posted the heartwarming moment on Facebook and wrote:

“Fellow trying to eat his pancakes with one hand. Cook seen it, went over and cut them up for him. Acts of kindness. Huddle house Douglas Ga.”

He added this edit to further explain the scene:

“After the video went viral I learned that the older man had been shot in his hand and the younger gentlemen had been staying with him and helping care for him. He made the move to help him when Ms. Wanda (the cook) stepped in and took over so they both could enjoy their meal. #twoactsofkindness.”

Those commenting on Smith’s Facebook post were overwhelmed by the woman’s generosity, with notes including: “She’s a beautiful person to have stopped doing her work so she could cut up his food. She is an angel,” “True southern hospitality at its finest. That’s how we roll down here,” and “Please give this lady a well-deserved raise. So sweet and kind.”

When some commenters fired off a bit of hate about the man’s dining companion, Smith was quick to explain:

“Unfortunately what the video doesn’t show is that since the older man got his hand shot off the ‘jerk’ sitting with him has stayed by his side and cares for him. The lady in the video knows the man and cut the man’s pancakes so they both could enjoy their meal.”

Another line of comments started with a debate over the man’s companion not being respectful, with one person writing:

“The twerp across the table is the newer generation we’re looking at that would kneel during the Anthem and disrespect this country for doing so. Maybe this young lady taught him some manners and a little more respect for his pops.”

Smith came to his defense again, explaining:

The twerp across the table has been by that man’s side since he got his hand shot off. He changes his bandages and takes care of him every day. The lady knows the man and done what she did so they both could eat.”

He added:

“This ain’t about the flag either so y’all can take that conversation elsewhere too.”

Another commenter responded:

“Exactly he needs time too and I’m sure appreciated her kindness. That’s what wrong we never know the whole story. Can’t we just feel good there are good people out there doing good things. Aspire to be that kind of person.”

One person noted that there’s a lesson to learn here, so take notice:

“Let this be an example of how we can help others. The cook (Ms. Wanda) is teaching us a lesson. We can always share an act of kindness with others.