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Walmart Shopper Gargles Mouthwash, Spits It Back Into Bottle And Returns It To The Shelf

Remember when the teen decided to lick a tub of ice cream and put it back on the shelf? Well, that person has sparked a lot of copycat pranksters. There was one man in Louisiana, twice as old as the girl who did the first prank, who got caught licking another tub of ice cream and putting it back on the shelf. Now, Twitter user “Bameron Nicole Smith” shared a video that showed her gargling mouthwash while in a Walmart location, gargles it back into the bottle, and returning it to the shelf.

There may never be an end to these disturbing pranks. The young girl, who was identified as a minor, has had her case sent over into juvenile court where she is expected to be punished in accordance with Texas law. Then the man twice her age was captured on film licking an ice cream tub and now faces years in prison for tampering with food and then sharing a video of it to disseminate criminal activity for his own publicity.

Now, this Walmart shopper has revealed herself to be utterly disgusting – just like the other people. She has been shown opening up a mouthwash bottle, gargling with it, and then spitting that spit-residue back into the bottle.

The video starts when the Twitter user walks into the screen and tells her viewing audience, “Girl, it has been one musty f***ing morning!”

She then picks up her favorite bottle of Listerine from the Walmart shelf, opens it, gargles with it, and then spits the musty leftover back into the bottle.

After completing the disgusting ritual, the Twitter user then looks back and says, “Mmm, nice and minty and fresh.”

Does she think she’s doing Listerine a service with her hack advertisement? Or does she think that she’s going to become famous because she spits back into a bottle and put it on the shelf? Or does she want to spend months or years behind bars where she gets to live off the taxpayer dollar for free?

The video clip, which has since gone viral just like the other ones, has a caption that reads:

“You b*tches with no oral hygiene could take a hint.”

There have been more than 17 million views of the content since it was originally uploaded in a copycat move to mimic the other videos that have since gone viral.

People have shared many comments about what they see in the Twitter video. Most everyone is disturbed that this person would do that to the product on a Walmart shelf.

“It’s contamination and product tampering,” one person wrote.

“I don’t like the feds, but god I hope they get you,” another person shared.

Many people started to question the situation. They wondered if it were staged because Listerine always seals their bottles – and this person easily got into hers. This led people to wonder if Smith bought the tampered product after gargling with it, which would not matter as she would still be charged with the crime.

“I just love how this generation of want to be criminals is so dumb that they actually document their own criminal activities. Then these dumb*sses act all surprised when the police actually catch them.”

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