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Warning: If You Ever See A Baby Strapped To A Car Seat That Looks Like This, Take Her Out Immediately

Parents need to worry about a million and one things during our modern times. With so many research studies and warnings out there, how are parents supposed to know what to do? They’re bombarded with scare after the scare and end up smothering their babies with protective care. Some parents overuse antibacterial soaps, which can weaken a child’s immune system. Other parents don’t let their children near anyone who has a cough. Other parents refuse to let their children play sports to reduce their risk of injury.

When the older generation was coming up, their parents let them run around and have fun in the neighborhood – and they turned out fine. So why are the parents of today so worried about their children?

New technology has changed society. People can come into your home through the internet and lure your children into harm’s way. Cars travel extremely fast, and traffic is busier than ever. The opioid epidemic is producing more and more drivers who are driving while under the influence, which puts everyone at risk.

Now a 23-year-old mother has come forward to warn other parents of infants about a risk to their little ones’ lives. After Hannah McKinney’s newborn daughter was ejected from her aunt’s car during a crash, in which the vehicle flipped over twice, she needed to tell everyone why. By the grace of God, the infant survived and only had a hairline fracture in her arm. But the baby was buckled in tightly in her car seat. Why then did she fly out of the car?

The young mother from Henry County, Georgia claims that the sheepskin belt covers allowed her little one to eject from the vehicle.

Because the sheepskin covers added padding, the baby slipped right out and flew from the car.

Hannah is grateful her daughter survived with only a broken arm. But she feels that she would not be doing her due diligence if she did not warn other parents about the deadly risk of sheepskin seatbelt covers. So she turned to Facebook to share her “PSA.”

Hannah wrote, “PSA to all parents and soon to be parents! These were on my two-month-old daughter’s car seat when she was involved in a flip-over car accident. The vehicle cartwheeled twice and rested on its side. She was ejected from the seat due to the sheepskin seat belt covers.”

After the crash, Hannah examined the car seat. The belts were firmly attached. The car seat was still locked into its base. The only problem was the sheepskin ornament.

Hannah believes the sheepskin allowed her daughter to slide out and fly from the car.

“Please, please, please people DO NOT put things in a car seat that did not come that way from the manufacturer.”

If parents add embellishments to the car seats, Hannah claims they void the warranty.

“We had to learn the hard way, and I thank god every day that he had his hands on her! They may look cute, and it may be soft, but for your child’s safety don’t do it. We attended a car seat safety class at children’s health care of Atlanta, and it was a real eye-opener.”

If you know someone with an infant who uses these covers, make sure they see this story!