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Watch The Awkward Moment She Sees Her Dad Plan A Date With Her Teenage Best Friend

For teenagers, it is awkward enough for them to witness their mom and dad getting affectionate. But when their parent starts cozying up on another person, someone they might not know, it can be even strangers. Protective feelings can arise because the teen wants his or her parents to be the ones they love. Divorces can be very complicated for teens.

And they can make teens have confused feelings about love, romance, and the way things are supposed to be between a man and a woman or two lovers. But this video below takes things to a whole new level. As part of a hidden camera show, one teen watches as the teen’s best friend approaches her father. The best friend, who appears to be a cheerleader, comes up to the teen’s dad. And right before her eyes, the daughter watches her father plan a date with the girl’s best friend. She feels sick to her stomach right after that.

The teen’s name is Christina. And when she sees her “best friend” flirting with her father, she is outraged. It is kind of like the situation in American Beauty when Kevin Spacey was attracted to the underage cheerleader – he didn’t have to act too hard to make his feelings seem real for that role.

But in this hidden camera clip, things are much too real, especially for Christina who cannot believe that her father and best friend are planning a sexual rendezvous behind her back.

As Christina watches, her dad plans a date with the best friend. And his daughter grows more and more upset with both people she had once trusted.

The clip has attracted a lot of attention on YouTube. Hundreds of viewers have commented. The following were some of the most popular ones:

“Honestly, if my best friend kissed my dad I’d be pissed. I’d slap the hell out of her and honestly beat the crap out of her. (I) don’t care how long I’ve known her. That’s tearing up a ** family. The daughter had every right to be pissed.”

“If my friend were flirting with my dad, my reaction would be the same as Christina’s.”

In response one person agreed, adding, “Yeah. The only difference is that I would smack my friend’s face.”

“There was a guy named Mr. Peters in my middle school. He was arrested for molesting children.”

“Get a new dad and best friend,” one person suggested.

“I don’t care how hot the girl is. I would never do that to my daughter.”

Some viewers were doubtful that this incident really occurred.

“If you don’t realize this is staged, you’re going to have a rough life,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “I think the friend thing was staged. Played up a bit for the viewing of the show.”

The video surely shows a contentious issue. And it is very disturbing to think that this father would go behind his daughter’s back to arrange rendezvous with her friends.

How would you react if you were involved in this situation?