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Watch These Four Siblings’ Adorable Reactions When The Realize Grandma Put Up The Christmas Tree

The magic of Christmas as seen through a child’s eyes is undeniably adorable. There’s so much wonder and enchantment of the season for kids to take in and when it’s captured on video, the joy can be shared with others. This short video shows four children reacting to a Christmas tree and it’s beyond cute. Watch as four little ones all have an elated reaction at the same time.

It’s guaranteed to melt your heart.

When the Webb family welcomed identical girl quadruplets Abigail, Grace, McKayla and Emily in May 2016, they knew their life would never be the same. They’ve kept the world updated on their lives through it all on social media and their fans can’t get enough of seeing these little ones grow and learn.

According to Global News, since the girls are identical, it’s often difficult to tell them all apart, which adds another layer of fun to the equation. They’re definitely a rarity, as the chances of the quads’ birth actually occurring was one in 67 million.

This video catches up with quads at grandma’s house — and their grandmother has a very special surprise. She shows the girls the Christmas tree, decorated with twinkling lights and shiny ornaments that the little ladies just can’t get enough of.

The girls start squealing and babbling, clapping their hands excitedly in response to the beautiful tree. The funniest part is that they chatter to each other and point to the tree, forming a semi-circle around it — but all in their own little gibberish language.

Even if they don’t have the vocabulary to articulate this amazing sight, they get the point across pretty well in their mannerisms and excited babbling, that’s for sure.

Among the many people who commented on the video post on Facebook were those who were definitely smitten with these quads, with comments such as: “Only they know this language…how adorable” and “I wonder what the kids are saying, but it shows they are in awe of the christmas tree. A nice scene to behold.”

Others thought perhaps they figured out what the girls were saying to each other, as one commenter suggested: “Maybe they are reminding each other not to touch the Christmas tree. It sounds so cute and they are so adorable!”

Others remarked about how the quads were well behaved in that they didn’t try to pluck ornaments off the tree or grab the gifts. One person commented: “How cute. Can’t believe they didn’t go after the packages!”

Some commenters were just blown away by the next level cuteness in the video, as one person noted: “Love, love, love this! Thank you so much for sharing. Every time you put something up, it makes me smile so much. They are absolutely precious!”

Another commenter shared their own experience with multiples, writing: “So adorable! I have twins boys and it seems like my house is never quiet with their constant babble and chatter, I can’t imagine what it must be like with four girls! But really is there any better sound?”

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