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We All Gasped When The Groom Stopped The Wedding And Turned To The Bride’s Sister

During a wedding, you expect the bride to be center stage in all things, especially during the ceremony. But during a recent wedding, the pastor politely asked the bride to step out of the way while she and the groom stood at the end of the aisle. And instead of giving the bride center stage, he asked her beautiful sister to come forward.

And then the groom did the unthinkable. He proposed to the bride’s sister in front of everyone. Everyone gasped. But when they realized that the groom was honoring the bride and her sister’s close relationship, they savored the moment of family joy.

Hannah and Ashley were as close as two peas in a pod. As sisters, they did everything together. So when Ashley’s wedding day arrived, Hannah knew she had to play a special part in it.

Ashley was the older sister and knew from the jump (the day Hannah was born) that they were going to be very close and share a special relationship. As they grew up together, they shared everything and did everything together. But soon Ashley learned that her little sister was not like the other little girls in the neighborhood or at school. Hannah was born was Down syndrome.

When Ashley began to understand the challenges that Hannah would face as she grew up, Ashley took a leading role in her sister’s life and made sure to keep her safe from the harmful and hurtful people who would readily bully Hannah because she was special.

But eventually, the sisters became adults. And when Ashley met the love of her life Will and started dating him, it was a bittersweet moment. It was a sign that the two sisters would never be the little girls they once were. They were growing up.

Before Ashley gave herself to Will, she made sure he understood that Hannah played a major part in her life. And if he was unwilling to spend lots of time with her little sister, Ashley wasn’t staying. Will’s love for Ashley proved to be true, and he welcomed Hannah into their relationship with open arms.

Before long Will and Hannah formed a strong friendship. Even before the day that Will was to wed Ashley, he had learned to love Hannah like a sister.

On the day he planned to propose to Ashley, Will made a special plan. He brought both sisters out to a meadow and then got on one knee before his lover. He asked for her hand in marriage, but before she had much time to savor the expression of love, he turned to Hannah and asked her if she would be his best friend forever.

You can imagine how Ashley felt when she saw her husband-to-be treating her beloved sister that way. It was a dream come true for her.

In the video below, you can watch the amazing moment Will proves his love for Ashley and Hannah. It might just melt your heart.

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