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We All Giggled When These 12 Nuns Lined Up, But Then The Music Started

There are stereotypes about every type of person, gender, and career. There is a stereotype about nuns that they are stiff and rigid. It is assumed that because they dedicate their lives to what they feel strongest about, they don’t know how to have fun and they just don’t have fun. But, one group of nuns did a big thing in dispelling this stereotype.

Recently, there was a video on the internet of nuns do things that were “uncharacteristic” of nuns. This group decided to create a remix of various hymns that could be turned into music they could dance to. They choreographed a full Zumba routine to this remix and put it to work.

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They rented out a small Zumba performance space so that they could perform their awesome routine for some spectators. Their routine started out slowly with flowing movements and bodies swaying to the music. By the time they got to the middle of the routine, it was everything that no one expected. It became a routine that was lively, happy, and full of happy energy. While dressed in full habits, they performed this routine and allowed it to be videotaped.  The routine started out peaceful and serene and ended up fun, upbeat, and inspiring.

They did a great job to dispel a normal stereotype that nuns are stiff and no fun because this routine had the spectators laughing and having a great time. This should make us all think about preconceived notions and stereotypes about people.

There are stereotypes about everyone and these stereotypes keep us from learning about one another. Stereotypes are created by the actions of a small portion of a particular population and then those ideas are transposed over that entire population. In explanation, a stereotype is so unfair.

It is the idea that the actions and conduct of a few affect the lives of many, and many times make them look bad. When we feed into these stereotypes, we close ourselves off to so many different types of people, cultures, religions, and everything.

When we believe these stereotypes we think that an entire group or population is that way and we should all know better. There are so many different types of people, who live beautiful cultures, with wonderful traditions. In order to enjoy the things that the world has to offer we have to open ourselves up and let go of those stereotypes. It can be amazing what we can learn when we take the time and put in the energy to do this.

You are going to be the one to benefit from letting go of those established ideas. It will allow you to make new friends, try new things, and even travel to new places that you would have never done before. This world is here for us to embrace and learn about and when you feed into preconceived notions you are only hurting yourself and your own possibilities.

In this tough world that we live in, we have to learn to love one another and smash down the wall of stereotypes.