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We Assumed A Package Rolled Out Of This Van, But Then It Started Screaming

With nearby CCTV cameras rolling, the video captured the moment two Chinese parents failed to notice their 10-month-old baby flying out of their white van. Although the parents had strapped their baby into the car seat and done everything right – or so they thought – they forgot to check the most obvious thing. And because they were not thinking clearly, they did not strap the car seat into the car with the safety belt.

As the parents sped along the road, the car seat bounced about in the back of the car. And because they never lock the back door to the van, the car seat smacked the door and flew it open. Then the CCTV footage caught the moment the screaming baby launched from the van and landed onto the busy road, where it stayed for 22 seconds until a Good Samaritan rushed over to save it.

The moment is proof that the two parents were careless with their baby’s safety. Not only did they fail to strap the car seat to the van, but they also didn’t lock the van’s back door, and they didn’t even notice when the screaming baby flew from the car like a rock. Only when the van stopped at a traffic light did the parents notice how they were driving along without their offspring. That’s when they started to panic.

Thankfully, the Good Samaritan rushed into the road to pick up the abandoned baby before other cars came speeding past. But the infant was left alone to fate for 22 seconds after it flew out of the parent’s van.

The incident occurred on April 20 while the parents were recklessly driving in Changzhou, which is in the Jiangsu Province in China.

Watch the footage to see the infant fly out of the van as the vehicle makes a left turn. And as the baby tumbled around on the road, the parents continued toward their destination.

Parents have a lot to remember when it comes to raising their children, but this incident seems downright neglectful. While it is reasonable to forget one thing, they not only did not strap the car seat into the van, they also left the door open so the baby could fly out into the street. If a car had been behind them, the infant could have been killed.

The 50-year-old woman who witnessed the horror just happened to be passing by. And she refused to let the baby get further injured, so she went out into the middle of the road to save it. If cars or motorbikes zoomed by, they might not have seen the infant in time to stop.

Meanwhile, the parents continued driving. Although the car had gotten very quiet – since their screaming baby was no longer with them – they did not notice the infant’s disappearing act until they were at a traffic light.

The baby’s mother exited the car and ran back to take her child. She thanked the Good Samaritan, who was probably stunned to see the mom running at her like that. After they got their baby back, the parents did the right thing. They took the infant to the hospital. Experts there confirmed that the baby had suffered no injuries.