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We Finally Caught The Guy Who Was Delivering Urine-Soaked Sandwiches To All The Neighbors

When 2019 started, Sharisha Morrison from New Mexico noticed a strange new thing happening. Some mystery man started leaving packages of bologna and bread on her doorstep. She refused to eat it because she had no idea where it came from, but it otherwise seemed harmless. However, when she picked up the food to throw it away, she smelled something strange – and it wasn’t just the smell of bologna and bread.

The bag of sandwich fixings actually smelled of human urine. And as she carried the foul-smelling bag to her trash can, it sloshed with the liquid within it.

Morrison was not going to let this creepy man get away with his hateful crime. Whether he targeted her because of her race or because it was some kind of twisted fetish to drop urine-soaked sandwich fixings on a stranger’s doorstep, Morrison had no idea. But she was not going to let him do it much longer. She set up her security camera and then caught the creeper on video leaving his urine soaked bread and bologna on her doorstep.

“It smelled like urine. I just want to him to stop, I really do…Also like I don’t want anything more to be in there, like is it going be feces next time instead of urine?” she said to KOB.

Morrison was outraged, but she was not the only person who was left with the disgusting surprise. Her neighbors also received strange deliveries from the same man. Because the man keeps peeing on stuff and leaving it at the doorstep, Morrison’s neighbors are fed up and no longer feel safe. That’s why they’re moving.

“They’re actually moving out because they’re tired of it,” she said.

Morrison led the charge to scare the man away. After catching his photo on camera, she reported it to the New Mexico police and posted the following note:

“Your photo has been captured and reported to the police for harassment. Any more packages left will result in legal action. Do not approach this house.”

She also had another sign posted :

“This home is being recorded 24/7 and any unauthorized packages being left have been reported to the police along with your photo. Stop leaving your Walmart bags here.”

Morrison has a baby to think about and doesn’t want this man leaving his “markings” in Walmart bags anymore.

“He’ll always walk up from this direction, and he’ll just walk up and drop it on the little doorknob and walk away, every single time that’s all he does,” Morrison said.

Because she has the man’s face on camera, she handed that over to the police. However, the cops have yet to stop the man from leaving more of his “deliveries.” The cops have promised to increase patrols on her block.

“I just want it to stop because I have my baby, you know, I don’t want some random guy just creeping around my apartment,” she said.

This woman never expected 2019 to bring urine soaked bread and bologna. Hopefully, the police catch the perpetrator soon.

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