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We Got A Peek Inside Prison Life For Subway’s Jared Fogle, And His Victims Are Furious

When the truth came out about Jared Fogle and his sleazy, criminal habits, the world was shocked. No one expected the Subway sandwich spokesman to be a pedophile. But as the evidence kept piling up against him, the truth became clearer and clearer and harder for anyone to deny. After Jared Fogle got a fair trial, he was convicted and sentenced to prison time – but now images of his prison cell have come forward and outraging his victims and their families.

As it turns out, Jared Fogle is living the life of his dreams inside the prison. A fellow inmate said: “He’s living the life in there!” The prison warden gives Fogle special treatment and even helped award the convicted pedophile a culinary arts award.

During his eight months in a cell adjacent to Fogle’s, 41-year-old Marc Brooks could not believe the treatment the former Subway spokesman received. While at the Federal Correction Institution (FCI) in Englewood, Colorado, Brooks watched Fogle get special treatment that only money can buy. His cell was often unlocked, and he was free to use the computer and to gamble.

Brooks shared a jailhouse photo of Fogle, that shows him without his eyeglasses. He was featured in a ceremony with fellow students as he received the culinary arts award.

“He’s living the life in there,” Brooks told Daily Mail. “He’s eating good, working out, cooking. (He has) not a care in the world.”

Brooks watched Fogle carefully for eight months because he did not trust the former Subway spokesman. And when he was released on January 25, Brooks knew he had to share his experience about the convict.

Although Fogle is serving his 15-year prison sentence, it is an easy sentence. He is in a low-level security part of the prison and is free to roam around and access a computer.

Brooks said, “It’s like Club Fed. They’ve got a movie theater, a fully-equipped gym with weights, ellipticals, StairMasters, cable weights. Outside they have a baseball field, tennis court, soccer field, horseshoe pits, a bocce ball court, and corn hole.”

In other words, the taxpayer is funding Jared Fogle’s state-mandated vacation.

Brooks was in the cell next to Fogle for a probation violation. He was present when Fogle received his culinary arts award at the graduation ceremony.

“He got his culinary arts certificate while all these other sex offenders were getting their GEDs and stuff. I took the photos,” Brooks said.

Brooks was stunned by how easy prison was for Fogle.

“When I first got there I was like, ‘man, you guys have got it made in here!’ I couldn’t even believe it was a prison. It’s more like a daycare (for sex offenders) than a prison. There’s a hobby section there for painting, leatherwork.”

Brooks also watched his fellow inmates spend their free time on hobbies.

“There’s people making little toy cars, carpentry. There are dudes in there who do crochet and knitting.”

Brooks added that Fogle has the freedom to “sit outside in the sun and chill with his little sex offender buddies.”

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