We Got Mad When The Neighbor’s Dogs Rushed Into Our Home, But When We Walked Them Back We Dialed 911 : AWM

We Got Mad When The Neighbor’s Dogs Rushed Into Our Home, But When We Walked Them Back We Dialed 911

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes—and species too? Housepets have been providing humans with company, loyalty, and love since pretty much the beginning of time so I wouldn’t expect them to be going anywhere anytime soon. Dogs, in particular, are a wonderful companion for those who hope to get attention from their pets, but after hearing this story, you might start to see that dogs are important for many other things too.

Maureen Hatcher is a 62-year-old woman from St. John’s, Florida with two lovely black Labrador Retrievers, Sadie, and Bella. Usually, her 21-year-old grandson is in the house with Maureen and the dogs, but on December 3rd, he was gone, and disaster was waiting to strike.

Maureen went through her normal daily routine. She fed the dogs, had something to eat, and went in the shower. That’s when it happened.

Hatcher suddenly got dizzy and fell down onto the tile. It was no ordinary slip and fall through. It was the beginning of a stroke. When she realized no one was home, she called out to her dogs. When they came in to check on her, she told them, “I need help.”

And the rescue was on.

Bella and Sadie ran toward the front door together, opened the door by its handle, and walked outside into the sunshine. As can be seen in the viral security footage, they started barking right when they got outside, hoping to alert the neighborhood that their owner needed help. Talk about some smart canines.

Hatcher’s neighbor, Alexandra Naspolini, was usually doing other things around this time of day, but luckily, she was sitting on her living room floor drinking a cup of coffee. That was when she saw the first dog striding across the lawn and the second one barking loud in the distance. To her, it seemed like they needed her help.

Naspolini headed outside, rounded up the dogs, and took them back to their owner’s home. As can be seen in the video, she pushes the door open and calls out to Hatcher that she’s returned both of her dogs. I got nervous at this point in the video. It would have been easy for Naspolini to open the door, let them in, and turn right back around.

But something must have seemed off to Naspolini. She follows the dogs into the house, and they lead her toward the bedroom, where Maureen Hatcher is lying down. When Naspolini approaches her, she realizes that one side of Hatcher’s face is drooping and she is very confused about what’s happening, a few tell-tale signs of a stroke.

The ambulance arrives shortly thereafter and carries Ms. Hatcher out on a stretcher. After an impressive surgery done by Nima Amim Aghaebrahim at Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville, Hatcher was beginning to feel better. She was able to return home with no lasting effects only three days later.

Let’s just say some Labradors are natural-born retrievers. Do you know of any stories where house pets save their owners?

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