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We Had No Idea Why He Jumped In The Lake Until We Saw What He Was Carrying Out

We hear a lot of stories about humans saving the lives of other humans and there is no shortage of stories applauding a stranger from saving a choking victim in a public setting. It’s not often that we hear about humans saving the lives of stranded animals, but every once in awhile someone jumps into action to help one of nature’s innocent creatures.

One morning, the Montgomery County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office received a call that a deer was in need of rescuing after he was stranded in Lake Conroe. When they arrived on the scene they were surprised to see that a brave local had jumped into the water, gathered the deer up in his arms and attempted to rescue him.

The deer, in obvious need of help, allows the man to carry him in the water and swim with him. With officers standing on the shore nearby, the man attempts to heft the deer up some steps, before he realizes that some of the steps are missing.

“Put her feet on the stairs and let her go if she has the energy left,” one officer tells the resident before he leans down and helps lift the deer up onto the shore. He then carries the deer over to the grass and lays him down.

It’s clear that the deer is exhausted from being in the water and he stumbles when he tries to stand.

“He’s going to need a little rest,” the hero resident is heard saying as the deer struggles to stand.

The officers and the resident step away and let the deer do his thing. After a bit, the deer manages to stand and he slowly starts to walk, before he settles into a laydown position again. It seems as if he just wants to catch up on some rest before venturing off into the wilderness again.

According to police, the deer eventually got his energy back and headed into the woods.

This incident is a perfect example of how important it is to be on the lookout for stranded animals while surrounded by bodies of water.

Constables Lieutenant Tim Cade urges people to always stay alert for both people and animals while spending time at the lake.

Commenters praised the resident for the heroic gesture…

“That was lovely. I hope he recovers and was only wobbly-cobbly because of exhaustion.”

“Wonderful story. Thank you to the two kind-hearted men! I can’t imagine that swimming while holding a deer is easy.”

“Beautiful, wonderful, fantastic. Thank you, Sir. You are one of my newest heroes. Bless you.”

“Deer are actually pretty good swimmers. Coming from a coastal, island-rich area, white-tailed deer on occasion definitely swim to, from, or between islands. Maybe the behavior you saw was like the proverbial fox¿swimming to rid of fleas (and ticks), which are so rampant in New England at least as to number in the several to tens of thousands on an individual deer. Plausible thought, I guess. This poor one was compromised and struggling, for whatever reason. Well done on the rescue!”