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We Heard Strange Noises Coming From The Drain. Once We Saw Who Was Down There We Called For Help

While she was out for a walk with her dog, Jackie Largratta-Mattern grew concerned when she saw a mother duck. The poor waterfowl was under a lot of stress. She was quacking like mad and refused to stop, even though Jackie and her husband tried to calm her down with soothing sounds. When she got closer and took a better look, Jackie noticed that the duck was doing something specific; she was circling the storm drain as if something very important to her had fallen down into it.

That’s when things clicked for Jackie. She got her feet wet and peered into the drain. It only took her an instant to realize that eight adorable ducklings were stuck in it. They were at the bottom and were growing worried themselves.

Despite the challenge, Jackie and her husband recruited help from other community members. As a team, they were able to do some good work and pull those ducklings out of the storm drain. But it was not easy going. It was hard, tough work.

You’re going to love watching the video below. You’ll see as Jackie’s husband starts up the camera and shows Jackie peering down into the drain where the ducklings are trapped.

The video skips ahead a few minutes. City workers have arrived and helped remove the storm drain cover. With mama duck nearby, the workers form an assembly line and pass the small birds up and out of the storm drain. As soon as the ducklings get back onto solid ground, they rush around and reunite with their adoring mother.

Watch as the ducklings pattered over the pavement right over to mama duck who is waiting just by the curb. You can tell how relieved she is that people were nice enough to go out of their way to help the ducklings.

The rescue occurred in Doylestown, Pennsylvania days ago.

Jackie shared the video on Facebook where it quickly went viral and was picked up by Storyful. She wrote: “It was a ducking miracle we were able to help out this mommy duck and her ducklings.”

As you can imagine, dozens of people responded to the video. It amassed a number of reactions and likes and dozens of comments, like the following:

“So glad you guys were in the right place at the right time.”

Oh my goodness! You guys! I’m like crying about this.”

“You are the best ducking person I know.”

“So sweet!”

Duckling season happens every year. And now is it. If you see these adorable guys and gals running around – without mamma around – you can help.

If they seem to have been abandoned without mom for a while, you should call a local animal rescue group. They will be able to help orphaned duckling.

If you find a duck or duckling in a dangerous area, you can try to shepherd the mother and her babies to somewhere safer like a water source.

What do you think about Jackie’s video and how her community responded to the trapped ducklings?