We Thought It Was Going To Be Lame When She Came In With A Cape, But She Ended Up Winning The Gold : AWM

We Thought It Was Going To Be Lame When She Came In With A Cape, But She Ended Up Winning The Gold

In all the superhero movies out there today, the good guys have one thing in common. They have some kind of uniform for fighting evil and crime. Whether it is Superman and his cape or Batman and his utility belt or Wonder Woman and her Bracelets of Submission, superheroes have costumes and gadgets that help them fight crime. While we come to expect heroes in capes and masks in the movies, we don’t see people showing up to everyday events wearing such heroic clothing – and when they do, they often get ridiculed.

But Laura Sumrall does not let standards and customs dictate everything she does. During her upcoming appearance at the Kentucky Reining Cup, Laura had a surprise in store for everyone watching. And when she showed up in the arena wearing a colorful cape, people knew she was up to something magnificent.

Disney’s Frozen has captured the hearts and attention of millions of children since it was released. And children and adults have sung the movie’s hit song “Let It Go” countless times. So when Laura Sumrall signed up for the World Freestyle championship at the Cup, she knew exactly how she was going to wow the audience and the judges alike.

In the video clip below, you can watch Laura Sumrall perform her amazing rendition of “Let It Go” before the entire audience as well as millions of people watching at home. That’s because her video has gone viral since it was published to YouTube.

Laura commands her majestic horse to well that you would almost think they are one in the same being. But the routine would not have been what it was if it was not done to “Let It Go,” the Disney hit that sold 11 million copies in 2014 when it was first debuted in the hit animation movie. It was certified double platinum in the United States and sold many other copies internationally.

Laura studied at Texas A&M where she continued her performances with the horse. She used her knowledge attained from her college education to understand how the best way to wow the audience and impress the judges with her creativity and her skill.

When Laura came out with the Frozen cape, the crowd went wild. The cape covered her face and maintained the mystery that the audience was feeling. Only when the moment was ripe, Laura pulled the cape off and revealed Elsa’s dress underneath. When the crowd realized it was the character from Frozen, the audience fell in love and gave Laura their complete attention.

But Laura did not stop with the surprise of her costume. She delivered on her choreographed routine and continued to impress people in the audience and the experts behind the judging desk.

When it came time to finish her performance, Laura completed it in an awe-inspiring way. That’s when the audience lost control and erupted in applause for her magnificent performance. With Laura able to complete such a routine in costume, imagine her skills in proper riding attire.

Watch the championship performance below. What do you think about the way she rode to “Let It Go?”