We Were All There To See Our Own Kids, But By The End Of The Performance, All Eyes Were On Her : AWM

We Were All There To See Our Own Kids, But By The End Of The Performance, All Eyes Were On Her

Check out the video of this little girl singing at a school graduation and it’s clear to see that she’s a future star in the making. During a preschool graduation ceremony, the students performed the song “How Far I’ll Go” from the Disney film Moana. No one was expecting one child to be such a standout, however, as most times elementary school performances involve kids who either lack enthusiasm altogether or are just plain too wiggly and not exactly feeling the music.

In this case, however, Sophia was clearly ready to put on a show. She’s just four years old but she clearly is passionate about the Disney tune, giving an enthusiastic performance that’s equal parts impressive and hilarious.

Among the sea of tots, Sophia shows that she can connect to the music, conveying the emotion with over-the-top hand gestures and so much expression in her face.

During an interview with Inside Edition, Sophia’s mom Michelle Neshin noted, “She’s pretty spunky, so I’m not going to say I didn’t know she had it in her, but I’ve never seen her do anything like that, to that extreme.”

The video of Sophia’s performance went viral and even caught the eye of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who had the little girl on her show! She told Ellen, “I wish I could be here everyday with you.” The host asked if it was one of her favorite songs, which Sophia confirmed, and she said she felt “excited and happy” about the video going viral. She then performed for Ellen’s audience and viewers with all the enthusiasm she displayed in her viral video.

Ellen then gifted the little girl with some fun Moana related merchandise, after hearing that Sophia had a Moana disco themed birthday party. The little girl showered the host with hugs and a heartfelt thank you. Too cute.

Many people on social media weighed in with comments, delighted by the girl’s joyous singing, with one person noting: “Children have their innocent ways to express themselves and it is always a blessing to see them singing their hearts out in their own styles and ways… this is why these little miracles are so adorable.”

Another commenter, however, shared that her daughter was similarly enthusiastic about a school performance, but the teacher failed to let her shine, noting: “My little girl did this and was truly chastised by her music teacher last year and was put in the back this year as punishment. Teacher said she was disruptive. Broke my baby’s heart.”

She received plenty of support, including a teacher who weighed in, writing: “Seriously? I’m a teacher and I think it’s the best thing on Earth when kids get into what they’re doing! I also taught dance for many years — do you have her in any dance classes? Let her know that she wasn’t being disruptive — she was showing that she was meant to be on stage!! And that’s awesome. Most kids wish they could be brave enough to do that, so you have a talented, brave kiddo!!”