A bride and her wedding photographer did not hit it off on her big day. According to a viral video on TikTok, the wedding photographer called the bride by the wrong name. However, it was the name that was used that is causing all the controversy. You see, the photographer called the bride by the groom’s ex-girlfriend’s name, and the aftermath of the photographer’s mistake was caught on camera by the wedding videographer.

The clip was uploaded to the Chinese-created social media website by John Pattyson, who prides himself in sharing behind-the-scenes footage from weddings across America. On his TikTok bio, he writes that he loves “first looks, dancing and when grooms cry” at weddings.

Pattyson heard the entire thing unfold. The wedding photographer made the simple mistake of calling the bride the wrong name. Her true name was Katelyn, but the photographer called her Taylor, which was the name of the bride for the wedding the week prior. However, Taylor also happened to be the name of the groom’s ex-girlfriend, so the bride was set off.

Everyone at the wedding must have felt very awkward after hearing the names “Corey and Taylor” on the day of Corey and Katelyn’s wedding. Because Corey had a juicy past with Taylor – which the wedding photographer knew nothing about – the bride could not help but think of the images of her soon-to-be husband in the arms of his former lover.

“The couple,” Katelyn corrected the photographer after the person made the same mistake twice. “Just say the couple.”

The wedding photographer’s mistake became such a hot topic that Newsweek contacted Katelyn for an interview about the mix-up.

“At first, I was like, ‘did she really just say that name? out of all the names she could have chosen!’ I just laughed it off and didn’t think of it being that big of a deal,” Katelyn Love told Newsweek. “I honestly forgot it happened until I saw the video on TikTok. It was my dream wedding, so I wasn’t going to make a little mix-up like that ruin my day.”

Pattyson confirmed that the photographer was not talking about the groom’s ex-girlfriend when she said the name, Taylor. Instead, she was simply using the name of the bride from the event the week before.

“It’s definitely an easy mistake to make, and the bride was totally forgiving. At her last wedding, the bride’s name was Taylor, so I get it can happen. Just bad luck with the name being what it was,” he said.

“The reaction was delayed at first, but then the wedding party all reacted since they knew all about it. It was definitely a good laugh,” said Pattyson. “I think If it had only happened once, I wouldn’t have made a clip of it, but with it happening a couple of times, it was definitely memorable. All in all, though, purely a coincidence and honest mistake.”

What do you think about this wedding photographer’s mistake? Do you think the bride handled it well, given the name belonged to her lover’s ex?

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