We’ve All Had Our Share Of Bad Dates, But This Woman’s Is The Worst I’ve Ever Heard : AWM

We’ve All Had Our Share Of Bad Dates, But This Woman’s Is The Worst I’ve Ever Heard

Before I met my wife, I went on dates with some of the city’s strangest women. I’m not proud of it, but all those bad dates brought me to a much better outcome. Now I have a beautiful and intelligent wife who is great at so many things. All those bad dates got me somewhere much more desirable. But for Ryann Miller has not been so lucky.

While out with a date with a 38-year-old man named Brandon, Ryann was shocked. She decided to share her horrible time for all to see on Twitter.

“Hello twitter welcome to the Bumble date from hell,” she begins the thread of posts, from September 14.

Ryann then shared a portrait of Brandon whom she met for drinks. But things quickly took a bad turn after that.

“The whole way to the bar he talked about bad dates he had, so I shared a few as well. When we sat down, he continued to shit all over girls my age and our expectations of men,” she wrote. “Anyway, he was completely rude to our waitress because she didn’t walk over to our table fast enough when he finished his first beer. He threw his menu on the floor like a literal baby and then spoke to her in a disgustingly sarcastic and degrading tone.”

After he threw a tantrum, Brandon broke down and asked Ryann if he was being “an *sshole” or not. And she answered honestly.

“He then went on to tell me to lighten up and a bunch of other irrelevant nonsense.”

Brandon eventually asked Ryann if she minded whether he used the bathroom after “three beers and a steak dinner.”

She welcomed the break. Then she received the following text:

“Thanks for dinner! Hard no, welcome to Cali, fatty.”

“Are you serious?” Ryann replied.

Although Ryann only had a $6 beer, Brandon had left her with a $60 bill. The waitress had no sympathy for Ryann and expected her to cover everything.

“The worst part about all of this? He’s a FATHER! To GIRLS!!! And @haann143 did some further digging and found that his Instagram is full of racist posts, and creeper shots of people he considers ‘fat,'” Ryann added.

“Moral of the story: do your research FIRST, gal pals. We are all beautiful women who deserve to be loved, regardless of our size, race, ability, sexuality, WHATEVER. Don’t ever let anybody make you feel anything different. WE. ARE. WORTHY. #ryannout”

Hundreds of people agreed with Ryann. They were horrified to know that a man like Brandon was roaming the streets looking for women to take advantage of. The lowlife couldn’t even pay for his share of the meal let alone be respectful to her on their first date.

Ryann contacted Bumble, the dating site where they met, and they deleted his account because he was such an *sshole.

Now that you’ve heard Ryann’s terrible first date experience, does it rival any of yours? Don’t be afraid to share in the comments. We all love to reminisce about our bad dates.

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