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What She Found In Her Bag Of Peanuts Had Her Rushing to the Emergency Room

When an Ohio woman chomped down on the contents of her recently purchased bag of Planters salted cashews, she quickly realized that she bit off more than she could chew. Ravenna resident Nickolette Botsford was stunned when she was snacking on the cashews during a ride in the car with her mother. When she realized it was a human tooth inside the package of cashews, she freaked out.

She shared the shocking revelation on a Facebook post that has since been removed.

“I noticed something very hard in my mouth so naturally I pulled it out and asked my mom what the heck it was ……. yes a human tooth was in my package, and I had in my mouth for at least 30-40 seconds!”

Botsford had the car pulled over. From there she leaned outside and vomited “several times” as her body tried to expel the taste and feel of the human tooth she had been trying to eat. And when she later saw the “dried blood” on the tooth, she rushed to the emergency room because she feared the worst.

Medical professionals confirmed that the object was indeed a human tooth.

Botsford has since reached out to Planters, which is a division of Kraft Foods Groups, Inc. She called several times and responded to several voice messages before she finally got into contact with a human on the other end of the line – and then they took three more weeks before they got back to her with a real response.

A Kraft Foods representative came to her home to pick up the human tooth. But admits that “no one (from Kraft) seems to want to talk to me.”

Botsford has suffered a traumatic experience. And now she has a phobia of eating nuts.

“This was very traumatic to me considering my phobia of teeth,” Botsford said. “(Now nuts) make me sick to my stomach.”

Because Kraft Foods is failing to meet her needs, she wants to hire a lawyer to help her get the money back from her Planters-induced visit to the emergency room. Because the tooth had blood on it, the hospital treated her to “exposure to blood or bodily fluids.”

Fox News has contacted Kraft Foods on behalf of this victim and a representative from Kraft Heinz Co. confirmed that the “foreign object not expected to be in our product” was found inside Botsford bag of salted cashews. They claim to be in the middle of investigating this case. And no similar complaints have come forward concerning human teeth in their bags of nuts.

The story was reported on Fox News and received hundreds of comments. The following were some of the most recent ones:

“Note to self:  Always inspect a handful of nuts for foreign objects and teeth before popping them into my mouth.”

“Now if it were found in a bag of pistachios, that tooth would come in handy.”

“Apparently Planters is making their employees use their teeth to open the shells.”

How would you react if this happened to your snack food?