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What They Found Inside The Belly Of This Animal Has Everyone In The Neighborhood On Edge

The body of a missing Florida woman was discovered Friday by search and rescue teams after her arm was found inside of an alligator. It’s believed she was attacked by the alligator, which dragged her to her death. The Law Enforcement Division of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found Shizuka Matsuki’s body at Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park in Davie, Florida.

According to a report from CBS News, The Commission will be conducting an investigation into the matter. The alligator was captured by park rangers in a large pond in the park hours before they discovered the woman’s body. Upon cutting the animal open, they discovered a human arm inside of it.

The woman was reportedly dragged in the water while out walking her dogs, with a man calling 911 in response to witnessing the event. When the man got to the water’s edge, the woman had vanished and her dogs were standing there with their leashes on. Authorities found one dog by the side of the water with a fresh wound. Area residents are advised not to let dogs off of their leash because alligators frequent the water.

The woman and and her husband don’t live in the neighborhood but like to walk their dogs in different places.

Davie Police Major Dale Engle told the Sun Sentinel: “Her dogs won’t leave the pond. One of her dogs got bit by the gator.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials released a statement that indicated a necropsy confirmed the alligator bit Matsuki and Commission spokesman Rob Klepper said that they positively identified the woman from evidence collected from the necropsy.

A woman told Local 10 that her poodle vanished last winter near the water and she believed it had been eaten, and another resident told Daily Mail that she saw an alligator there recently: “I was there with a friend, I go almost every day to watch the sun set.” She added: “While we were sitting in the gazebo an alligator swims by just off the shore. The alligator just did laps around the lake. The park ranger had just left not even five minutes before I saw it.”

She continued: “I waited around until nightfall for him to come back and tell him. I waited over an hour and he never showed so I left. The park is a known park for animals to swim in. There is even a rope swing that people jump off to swim in.”

Among the many comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the sad story were those who were surprised that anyone would walk near such waters. One commenter noted: “I am amazed that people go walking near the water’s edge knowing that alligators are there in abundance.”

Another commenter familiar with the area noted: “We go camping at a ranch in the area. The ranch has many, many watering holes for the cows and bulls to drink and cool off. Almost all of these ponds are infested with gators. The livestock are never bothered by the gators. They are just too big for the gators to handle.”