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Whatever You Notice First In This Creepy Picture Will Tell You Your Biggest Fear

Admit it. You’re afraid of something. Even the toughest individuals cower in the face of something. It is what makes us human. If we didn’t feel fear, something would be wrong. Or we couldn’t value or lives. The key is not to let fear hold you back from doing the right thing. Fearlessness is not the lack of fear but the willingness to act in the face of fear. That separates the weak from the strong. We all feel fear from time to time. But the greatest among us do the right thing when fear is biting at our heels.

It can be hard to admit what we are afraid of. We’re told time and time again that we should go forward despite our fear. But this is easier said than done. When we have a family to think of and a mortgage to pay and health insurance to keep active, it can be hard for us to take risks and face our fears. We’d much rather stay safely within the bounds of what we know and trust. And it can be hard to fault someone for wanting that. But the real zest of life lies beyond our comfort zone in a place where we stretch and grow. Yes, we will fall on our faces. But for every time we fall and get back up, we face the world with a stronger sense of self and courage.

Becoming our best selves is a lifelong journey. And on that journey, it helps to know our biggest fear. This image aims to help you determine that if you do not know. Although it is creepy on the surface, something will pop out at you before everything else. And depending on what you see reveals what you are most afraid of.

Take a look at the picture and notice what you notice first.

The strawberry

The large fruit at the center of the picture is the focal point. But if you saw this first, then you are most likely afraid of losing the one you love or never finding love.

The spider

If you saw the spider, you have an eye for detail. If you did, it means you’re afraid of feeling insecure. You are fearful of losing your comfort and security.

The girl

Was she the first thing you noticed? Then you’re afraid of something that happened in your childhood. Perhaps you were traumatized and never got over it. This can be the hardest kind of fear to face.

The trees

If you saw the trees first, you’re afraid of old age or being vulnerable. How do you react if someone asks you your age?

The butterfly

You’re afraid of missing out on new opportunities. This flying insect symbolizes newness and new beginnings.

The one-eyed toy

A stuffed animal is often a child’s best friend. If you noticed the one-eyed bear or rabbit, you’re terrified of losing a friend. You value comfort and friendship and are devastated when you lose that.

What feature of the picture did you notice first?