When A Navy SEAL Saw The Reaction To This Photo, He Had To Ask “What Is Wrong With People?” : AWM

When A Navy SEAL Saw The Reaction To This Photo, He Had To Ask “What Is Wrong With People?”

Americans have become desensitized to violence. With reports of school shootings, violent crimes and wars on the news every day, death and destruction has become the status quo. In response to this trend, people seek out feel-good stories that inspire and renew their faith in humanity. But after a Navy SEAL found a professional photographer’s tweet about a dead soldier’s casket, he was dumbfounded when she reveals no emotion in her words.

Navy SEAL Carl Higbie “ran across” the tweet from the self-proclaimed “Human Leech” that showed a photo of a soldier’s casket leaving an airplane and was accompanied by the following words.1

“Before getting on my flight today, a dead soldier was carried off. Around 30 or so people gathered around the windows to salute him or cry. It didn’t move me. F*** our troops. All these white folks crying over a killer while millions are oppressed by our military. F*** imperialism.”

Comrade Vladimir Lola was the person who shared the “F*** our troops” tweet. She did not care that a man died while serving the country. She didn’t understand why people would shed a tear for the loss.

Higbie simply retweeted her message and photo with the following question:

“Ran across this early this am. What is wrong with people?”

His tweet has already been liked by hundreds and received over one hundred comments.

The Twitter user who shared the controversial tweet identified as a communist and idolized the former leader of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin. She advocates for “death in revolution.”

She also wrote, “I’m not going to say ‘oh well all human life is sacred so I’ll give the dude some sympathy.’ There’s no right way to be a part of the U.S. military. There’s no right way to enforce the interests of the state. There’s only one perfect way to die, and that’s death in revolution.”

She then added more commentary about racial injustice in America.

“You can’t tell me these same white people from Ohio (a Republican state) would truly show the same respect for a little black boy shot by the police, or a POC jailed for a nonviolent crime, or a homeless mother and child, or a sex worker kidnapped, or a child who was ‘lost’ by ICE.”

Her communist rant continued with “The U.S. war machine oppresses people all over the world. It exists to advance capitalism, crush communism, exploit the working class, and keep the masses powerless.”

When people confronted her about the soldier’s race, indicating that he might not have been white – or he might not even have been he – she said that was nitpicking and was “missing the point.”

She tweeted, “I don’t care what his race was. ALL troops regardless of their skin color are part of the system that oppresses people here and all over the world.”

Higbie was the chief of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service until he was forced to resign for previous sexist, anti-Muslim, and racist comments he made.