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When A Squeaky Voice Interrupted Their Daddy-Daughter Dance, Nobody Could Keep It Together

When it comes to parties, weddings are the most fun. Because they not only gather family and friends together in one place, they are a celebration of love, hope, and the future for the happy couple. Two families are officially united, and it is time to celebrate the positive change. You’re not going to have a better time than at a wedding reception.

When the drinks are flowing, and the music is bumping, people get up from their chairs and move to the dance floor for the time of their lives. But the traditional aspects of the wedding are also compelling. The moment mom dances with the groom and dad dances with the bride are traditions that bring tears to guests’ eyes.

While many girls think about their wedding day throughout their teens years and into adulthood, when the day finally comes it can affect them in a way they never saw coming. It is emotional. It is a time of change. When someone gets married, they declare to the world that they’re starting a life with someone. And there is no turning back to the way things were.

Father-daughter dances are very heartfelt and special. In the video below, you’ll see how one such dance turned into a powerful moment that both dad and daughter will remember forever.

Dad walks his daughter, who is in a beautiful wedding dress, onto the dance floor when their song starts playing. Dad had no idea that a surprise was coming for him that his daughter had planned in the weeks coming up to the wedding. The surprise hit dad in the heart and left him reeling with his overflowing emotions. And as dad’s heart swelled to capacity, he and many guests burst into tears as they celebrated the particular moment between dad and his daughter.

The bride had made a change to the song. Halfway through the track, she edited it, so her tiny three-year-old voice was layered over the music. And you can hear her preschool-self singing, “I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family.”

And as soon as dad realizes it is his beloved daughter’s teeny-tiny voice, he breaks down with the weight of his emotions. It is a treasure to behold how that little girl grew up to become the strong, beautiful woman he was dancing with on her wedding day.

It proved to be the perfect way for her to celebrate the first man she ever loved. And dad really appreciated the surprise.

The video of this father-daughter wedding dance was shared online and picked up by Rumble Viral. They posted the following description of what happens in the clip:

“This dad can’t hold back his tears when his daughter’s three-year-old voice plays during the song of their father-daughter dance. Not a dry eye in the house!”

Take a few moments to watch this 100-second video. It will warm your heart – especially if you’re a father.

People wrote in the comments about how it was a “beautiful idea” and “brilliant” way to surprise dad at his daughter’s wedding.

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