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When A Team Of Cows Took The Court None Of Us Could Have Expected What Happened Next

When competitive dance teams pour their hearts and souls into a routine, their talent is undeniable. It’s not often, however, that you see a dance team truly come up with a unique, never-done-before idea and execute it perfectly. Until now. The Hallsville High School Bobcat Belles dance team earned the highest novelty score at a competition and it was definitely no ordinary routine. The video went viral and millions viewed it.

One of the dancer’s sisters posted the video on Facebook, writing: “All: help raise money for this team! A gofundme link is below. Y’ALL this was seriously performed at my sister’s dance competition today. The whole gymnasium was in tears laughing so hard… hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did, this was performed by the Bobcat Belles from Hallsville high school!”

To begin, check out the costumes. There’s not a sequin among them nor are their costumes revealing. Quite the opposite, in fact: they’re cows. Chick-fil-A cow mascots, to be precise.

Next, check out their entrance. The “cows” come marching onto the dance floor and stand in a circle as the crowd wonders what they’ll be witnessing on the basketball court. The outer circle of cows begins to bow down on their knees as just a few remain standing in the center. A loud “Moo” is heard over the PA system and the crowd erupts in laughter, still uncertain how this is all going to play out.

Another moo is heard and the center cows hoist up another cow and the rest of the herd picks up their heads. The center cow is spun around as the circle of costumed dancers sway back and forth.

Then the dancers break apart and begin to pull off some dance moves as the music plays the tune of the Beatles “Yesterday,” only the lyrics are all about Chick-fil-A.

Other songs in the dance medley include “Proud to be a Cow” from Sesame Street, and “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. There’s plenty of dance styles represented, from ballet to hip hop, none of which can be easy in a cow costume!

The team’s instructor, Kathryn Calaway, explained their dedication in an interview, noting: “Super hard-working group. I feel honored to work with them.” She added of the way the video went viral: “It kinda blew up! So I was like forget it, go ahead and share away.”

High scores and originality aside, one of the team moms, Chelsey Hess, said, “I think they should be sponsored by Chick-fil-A for life.” It’s definitely some great free advertising for the restaurant.

Those who weighed in on the video on social media were blown away, with one experienced choreographer sharing: “This is GENIUS! As a choreographer, this is the kind of stuff that makes me wish I’d come up with it. All I can think of is the choreographer(s) putting on those cow suits and making it up and laughing their heads off!! What a blast for those dancers.”