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When Animal Control Found Out How Many Cats She Was Keeping At This Home, They Stormed In

A woman with a property in Michigan was a self-professed “cat lady.” However, when authorities found out what was really going on inside the home of the 62-year-old living in Mount Clemens, they had no choice but to slap the handcuffs on her. Animal Control found 88 cats and one dog living inside the woman’s home and were struggling to live on top of a pile of “inches deep” feces that were spread throughout the entire home.

Many of the animals were in horrible condition and had to be euthanized once they were obtained by Animal Control. Many cats were feral and many more were impregnated. The animals did not have access to the property’s yard.

The discovery was made last month when a court bailiff arrived at the woman’s home to issue her an eviction notice. Because the bailiff saw just how squalid the living conditions were and that there were so many animals living in the horrific conditions, Animal Control was notified and they rushed to the scene of the crime to help. Most of the cats were found to be in poor health. Some had to be euthanized because there was no hope for them to recover from the life the woman had forced upon them. Many other cats were inbred and pregnant.

Jeff Randazzo is the Macomb County Animal Control Chief, and he was alarmed at the living conditions of these creatures. He admitted that the woman had a small three-bedroom house and the cats had no access to the yard – only the inches deep feces littered floors of the home.

County prosecutor Eric Smith uploaded photos that showed the insides of the property. The images are very disturbing as they depict layers of animal feces that are inches deep in parts of the house.

Randazzo admits that “piles” of feces were layered throughout the home and amassed in quantities that were “inches deep” in parts.

When the cleanup crew came to the home, they had no choice but to wear hazmat suits. The conditions were so squalid and dangerous that the lives of the cleanup people were in danger.

The woman endured the horrible conditions herself. She was hospitalized after it was discovered that she had an infected cat bite.

The woman claimed she was running a “cat sanctuary” and did not want to lose ownership of her cats. However, the conditions of the home spoke for themselves, and she clearly showed little recognition of just how bad things were. She was delusional.

The woman’s dog was transported from Michigan to Florida so he could live out the rest of his days with the woman’s brother. The kittens have all found homes.

Readers on Daily Mail shared their reactions to this story in the comments.

“Some people hoard animals. Some people hoard things. One thing I learned from watching the shows is that they’ve all suffered some kind of loss, whether a loved one, a job or a home. Hoarding is an attempt to fill that void and stop the pain.”

What kind of pain do you think this woman was dealing with?

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