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When Dad Brought Home This Prescription For His Kids, All The Neighbors Wanted One Too

Whether you have kids of your own or not, you most likely know a bit about the fear of monsters lurking beneath the bed at night. As children, we sometimes get lost between what is real and what is simply a fear. If you’re like most kids, you went through a phase when you thought that there were monsters living under your bed or in your closet. Surely you can remember the debilitating anxiety of having to sleep alone while worrying about the ifs and whens of when the monster would jump out and attack you.

When one dad learned that his young daughter couldn’t sleep at night due to her fear of monsters, he took action and did something that other parents had wished they’d thought of. The British Columbia dad got a prescription from the pharmacy and it wasn’t sleeping pills or pain meds, instead, it was “monster spray.” In a real-life prescription spray bottle, the rules are clearly written on the label…”Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary.”

Guaranteed to take out at least 120 monsters, the spray is a proven way to get your kid to sleep at night, as it certainly worked for this dad’s two-year-old daughter, Mya.

In the video below you can see little Mya using the spray to her advantage as she walks in her yard on a mission to spray any monsters that might get in her way. Mya’s fear of monsters has gone beyond the bedroom and she believes that they are behind doors, in closets, and in her own backyard.

“Her fear of monsters really started affecting her sleep,” said Amber Dixon, Mya’s mom. “She didn’t want to go to bed, she wanted someone to snuggle with her.”

Her parents tried telling her that the monsters were trying to be her friend, but that didn’t work and the little girl’s fear only escalated. Being one determined dad, Mya’s father took a trip to the pharmacy and asked if they could make a mock prescription.

“I thought it was a cute idea and I hope it works,” a pharmacy technician said, who was on board with the idea and created a label for the cause. The monster fighting material inside the bottle is simply water with a little bit of lavender to make it smell nice, and offer a soothing effect. The bottle even has possible appropriate side effects. “May cause drowsiness or dizziness,” is written in small print beneath the prescription label.

Since Mya has received her special bottle of monster spray, she’s been taking out monsters everywhere and getting some much-needed sleep.

Because the spray has proven to work, the pharmacy has already received a few requests and they have bottles ready to be picked up by eager parents.

And parents, all you really need to do is create a mock prescription label and slap it on a bottle of Febreze or your own plain spray bottle if your pharmacy isn’t willing to jump on board. So, whether your child is afraid of monsters, zombies or goblins, this easy DIY spray is worth a try.