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When Dad Said He Was Going To Cut Open This Wasp’s Nest, We Couldn’t Have Imagined What Was Inside

Every week or so, the YouTube channel “What’s Inside?” posts a new video that shocks its viewers. The premise behind the channel is simple. Dad and his family do their best to find strange objects that they can then cut into to discover what is inside of them. Simple enough. However, as the channel has been going, the team has had to come up with weirder and stranger things to look inside – and this episode might take the cake.

“Have you ever wondered what is inside a wasps’ nest?” Well, dad and his family purchased a wasp nest no eBay and then proceeded to cut it open in the name of curiosity. Because they always like seeing what is really going on inside these things, they have turned their passion and curiosity into a popular YouTube channel that is likely to help fund the kids’ college educations.

Dan and his son Lincoln host the show. For this episode, they’re joined by Lincoln’s friend Kai. The wasp nest came from Wisconsin and was shipped in a cardboard box. Dan cuts open the box and takes out the carefully packages wasp nest. It turns out to be massive – about the size of a basketball.

Although the nest was promised to be free of dangerous wasps, Dan is terrified that they might have been tricked. That’s the reason he spent a lot of money to buy the nest from the eBay seller – the ones near his home were all filled with wasps. They were being used, and he did not want to disturb the homes of the bugs.

After Dan lets the kids decide that they should cut it open inside the house, he puts it on the table. It is perhaps one of the largest wasp nests you’ll ever see. After examining it for some time – and building up the suspense – Dan puts on some gloves and then gets his serrated knife out of the kitchen drawer.

Then at the 1:45-mark in the video, he starts cutting open the wasp nest. Inside it is extremely interesting. Now you can see why this YouTube channel is so popular.

And Kai is not shy about calling it as he sees it. “They still like have dead eggs in there,” he says between gasps of shock.

Viewers left tens of thousands of comments. Some of the most popular ones included:

“Wasps are going to start buying wasp nests from eBay, so they don’t need to build one.”

Some viewers indicated that they were upset with the video creators for some misinformation.

“It’s not a wasp nest. It’s clearly a hornets’ nest. Pretty cool of Dad to get one (even if he did have to buy it) for the boys to investigate. That’s real education right there, more than you learn in high school these days!”

Another wrote, “Am I the only one that was bothered by the fact that they kept going back and forth, calling it a wasp’s nest and a bee’s hive as if they were the same animal?”

What do you think about this “science” experiment?

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